The most interesting member of ‘Wh’ family is ‘Why’ because it seeks significance of anything. It is always good to ask “Why” question to anything. So, while taking about presentation skills it is imperative to know ‘Why having good Presentation Skills important? Presentation Skills are ability to articulate and present the message in a manner which audience understands and retain for a long time. Presentation skills helps individual to structure his/her thoughts, express them in convincing manner and boost up the confidence to speak in front of audience. A good presenter is like a good storyteller who conceptualize and frame the deliverable in such a manner that will engage the audience and make impact on them.

Presentation skills include: -

Delivery of the Speech – It’s about how you connect with your audience. It includes techniques such as body language and pauses that give your words punch.

Persuasion - A presentation is all about selling your ideas using persuasion techniques.

Visual Communication - Your visual elements such as slides should be brief, clear and visually effective.
Active listening is key to leading audience participation.
Use of 3D Space - Physical communication including effective use of the stage and gestures.

Presentation Skills are important for the following reasons: -

Business Success - Having the superior product is never enough. Apple is a classic case where in addition to a great product, the speech of Steve Jobs arose the emotions of audience.

Stress Reduction - Effective presentation skills reduce miscommunication, which is likely the biggest cause of work-related stress.

Time Management - Better presenters get their message across in less time because they prepare in advance and are in complete control of the show.

Leadership - Winston Churchill was praised for his inspiring presentations which helped England fight back against Nazi Germany. Every leader needs to be able to stand up and deliver a clear and inspiring message.

Some tips to improve your Presentation Skills could be: -

Let your Passion for the Subject shine, show that you have a complete Grip on the subject.

Always build your presentation keeping the Audience in mind.
Keep it simple, focus on the core message. Steve Jobs rightly said Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!!

Shadow Practice. Give your presentation beforehand in front of mirror, friends. Ask your friends to be Devils Advocate, their constructive feedback will help you immensely.
Arrive Early, adjust to the place, spend some time alone in the room.
Start Strongly! Beginning of your presentation should be attention grabbing, start with a Story.

Voice Modulation is a key. Vary the speed at which you talk, emphasize on the key points.

Body Language. 3 Quarter of a presentation is Non-Verbal communication. Wear your best, you can’t afford to wear 2nd best. Be properly groomed. Avoid crossed arms, hands behind back or in pockets and pacing the stage.

At last, relax, breathe and Enjoy. Concentrate on your breathing, modulate it and always remember if you put your best efforts, results will be taken care of.

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