Did you know that hearing loss often occurs as you age? It isn't uncommon for adults over the age of 50 to feel that they have lost their ability to hear properly. Over time, the frequencies that everyone should be able to hear become less and less audible. Under the age of 20, a healthy individual should be able to hear 19,000 Hz.

As the human body ages, the level of ability to hear will diminish. Organs in the human body are able to regenerate, but the inner ear does not have this ability. Hair cells have the ability to pick up various frequencies. Over time, those hair cells will lose their ability to pick up noise. The hair cells that pick up the loudest sound waves will die off first. How is it possible to detect your level of hearing loss?

It could be that an individual does not detect their inability to hear until it's too late. Studies suggest that those who develop dementia earlier in life may do so simply because they are having problems hearing. According to Dr. Sreek Cherkuri, an ear, nose and throat specialist, a majority of folks that lose their hearing begin to do so before the age of 65.

There are many ideas on how individuals can go about determining the level of hearing loss they have. One of those ways to do so is to get a hearing test. Without getting a proper hearing test, it is extremely difficult for any individual to gauge at what level of hearing loss they are currently suffering from. Additionally, more than 42 million people suffer from hearing loss each year in the United States. Studies show that only 20% of those individuals have purchased hearing aids.

When an individual feels that they are unable to purchase hearing aids due to the expense, they are less likely to go and get the hearing test that they need. This means that adults are struggling with their hearing capacity longer than they would otherwise. Today, it could be that there is another option for those who are unable to afford traditional hearing aids.

The average cost for just one hearing aid can range anywhere from $1,000-$3,000. Keep in mind, that this is only for one hearing aid. This means that for the average senior citizen, they could pay as much as $6,000 for two hearing aids. That is a major out of pocket expense.

This is why Nano Hearing Aids are now becoming the most talked about the solution in ENT practices. These hearing aids are digital, and these are available without going through the process that one would go through to get traditional hearing aids. The statistics give us vital information about Nano Hearing Aids as a viable option, and more than 98% of individuals are able to experience improved hearing with the Nano product.

Now that a product like Nano Hearing Aids is readily available, a higher percentage of individuals with hearing loss are now able to improve their quality of life. Engaging in daily conversation is now possible with the help of these digital, yet inexpensive hearing aids that fit nearly budget. These hearing aids have a better price point, mainly because they are being sold directly to the consumer. This means that there are fewer people involved in the process, ultimately passing the savings on to the consumer.

There is finally a viable solution for those who need help with hearing. Hearing loss affects millions of lives, but it no longer has to with the help of an affordable option like the digital Nano Hearing Aid.

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