In recent years, people seem very eager in learning how to buy a foreclosure property or a home through foreclosures. Everyone wants to own and invest in real estate foreclosures. Your understanding of how to buy a foreclosure and make a great profit may seem out of reach, but for most budding investors it is possible. The problem most investors face is getting the necessary money in order to fund your deal. In this article we are going to address what is involved with building a business in this industry and some of the pros and cons.

One of the main problems most investors will face is getting funded. It has become very difficult to get the money to buy and more importantly profit from foreclosure properties. Your dilemma lies with dealing with stuffy banks, mortgage companies & wall street bankers. In today’s economy, few are willing to lend money to fund your deal. Your ability to overcome this problem will actually depend on you learning how to raise money from private individuals. Take the time to invest in yourself and build this skill set.

Usually, there are 3 stages of foreclosures where you can get huge profits. Let’s address each of these and how see how they can effect your ability to buy a foreclosure.

• Pre-foreclosure
• Auction

In the Pre-foreclosure scenario, the owner becomes the defaulter of the loan without actually starting any foreclosure proceedings. You can find this out by checking with your local courthouse. There you can find out who is the defaulter in your community. It is Ok to contact these type of home owners directly, and it is not uncommon for you to be able to work out an acceptable and profitable agreement with them. You may try and bargain with them to get a good discount, in return for you bailing the owner out of their current debts. This type of agreement will benefit both the parties..everyone wins and that is always a good business practice to perform.

An Auction will generally take place for homes that have already been foreclosed on. These homes are then sold by the bank or possibly a government organizations to the highest bidder.This can be a risky investment if your not careful and don’t do your homework before hand. the problem is that you may not be able to inspect the home first or in a more extreme case, unable to even see the home. banks will usually pay a contractor to perform a trashout, but these homes are usually sold in the same condition as they are. Contrary to popular belief, you can not get the best possible price with this process. It promotes competition and there will be many seasoned investors either driving the cost up and then dumping it off on you, or getting it way below market value. Be prepared and do your homework before attending the auction.

REO are those homes that do not get sold during the auction process. They go back to the bank, or government organization, they are now bank owned and are back on their books. Banks do not like to have homes on their books, the loan has defaulted and no interest is being made. You could find these type of deals on various websites or possibly through the government organizations directly. Because the bank or institution is motivated to unload the home and show some kind of a profit, these deals can be very profitable. However, it does require a lot of research and knowledge on your part. Before actually buying these REO foreclosures, I suggest getting a course to help you better understand this type of deal.

If you take the time to invest in yourself with a good education and proper training, then learning to buy a foreclosure property and profiting from it is possible.

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