You have probably heard a ton about how beneficial it is to read books. Reading non-fiction specifically will make you relish the reality and you might even start marking changes in your character and conduct. Want to catch up with the world by reading your way through but don’t have the time to go through pages after pages? The RollingSlate app got your back. It offers a free service of going through all the freshest non-fiction books from well-known nationwide and world-famous writers and picking the best for you. The best part? You don’t have to consume days to go through the whole book because you will be provided with a very detailed summary of every chapter of the book in a single place in the form of Slates, which are there in both readable and listenable form in English and numerous other regional Indian languages. These Slates are written such that they provide the best way for the readers to gain some core wisdom and knowledge even the busiest of schedules.

Enter into the portal of wisdom for free

The RollingSlate App is your go-to for the best book summaries with an ever-growing database of 500+ books in over 30+ genes from all around the globe. They guarantee to update the database with a new and famous book every day to keep the readers up to date. You will find detailed chapter-wise summaries of all the famous books from renowned writers in English or any other Indian language. The app does a great job of crumbling the bridges of language dissimilarity between people and let then read the same book summaries to bring them together. It also serves as an incredible audio book summaries app. You can just select the book, hit the play button and relax while simply listening to the book summaries. The key feature? All of this is free!

Now, with free online reading, you can have access to free summaries of the best books on topics as diverse as aiming to be a reputed founder. If you are an innovator and a dreamer or a student who is fed up with your schooling or simply anyone with an itch for founding your own startup, you can obtain knowledge from the most exciting up-and-coming books on this topic “Dear Founder”. It is after all very exciting to read about other leaders who are brought up from a broad range of diverse educational and geographical backgrounds and learn from their experience of how instead of waiting for the right opportunity to come to them, they took the matters into their own hands. Reading about other’s experiences is a way of second-hand learning which may guide you for life. Being packed full of helpful insights and actionable guidance from experienced business pros, will prepare you on the way to the top to both preempt and conquer daily obstacles. It is essentially a detailed guide to the fundamentals of setting up yourself in business and launching a kick-ass startup

Preserving the essence of learning

Here at RollingSlate, we believe that knowledge is best preserved through the ages and for that, we aim to build the world’s biggest book library so that every reader out there has easy access to whatever content they want, whenever they want. It’s an incredible platform for students to explore their interests without having to pay a single penny. The essence of the writing and emotions stays intact when the detailed summaries are made for the books so that the message that the author wanted to pass on stays as impactful as in the book. This will help you save a lot of time. So, go and find the perfect book summary and happy free online reading to you!

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