The little tart cherry has a very interesting and long history of reducing gout and arthritis pain naturally. In 1950, About 6 decades ago a PH.D. by the name of Ludwig Blau published in the Texas Reports on Biology and Medicine a report that cherries cured his painful and crippling gout.

Dr. Blau's painful gout was so bad that it confined him to a wheelchair. However, according to his published research, he simply ate six to eight cherries every day and as long as he ate these cherries, the pain of the gout stayed away.

More recently, the Journal of Nutrition published an article outlining the results of an anti-inflammatory study using sour cherries.
This study was conducted at the US Agricultural Research Service Western Nutrition Research Center located in David, California. The people conducting the research gave 45 people involved in the study fresh cherries and closely monitored their plasma urate in the body. The Plasma urate is an indicator to the creation of heavy uric acid crystals. Uric acid crystals is one cause of gout pain between the joints. From the findings of the study, the plasma urate amounts of the volunteers significantly were lowered 5 hours after they consumed the cherries from the study. You can also enjoy cherry juice

Also, according to available research by doctor Muralee Nair from Michigan State University, indicates eating about 20 or so cherries every day may help to reduce the ache and swelling of the a surprise gout attack. According to the researcher "daily consumption of cherries has the potential to reduce pain related to information, arthritis and gout."

Discover why the tart cherries an amazing gout and arthritis fighting powerhouse?

While the final answer to that question is still out, a number of researchers indicate it is the synergistic benefits of all of the naturally occurring photochemicals present in the cherry.
These compounds include the Anthocyanins, Melatonin and more. If you are one of the numerous joint pain sufferers searching for a proven and non prescription drug way to eliminate gout and arthritis pain naturally, you'll find the tart cherry juice is exactly what you're searching for.

Where to Find SourCherries?

Unfortunately, cherries are a very perishable fruit and that is why you'll only get them during a few weeks during the July harvest. The majority of the cherries grown in the U.S. are grown in the Traverse Bay Farms area of Northwestern lower Michigan. After the cherry harvest is complete the majority of the cherries are made into cherry powder, cherry juice

, dried cherries and more. Thus the fresh cherries are difficult to find. Thus many are seeking out year round solutions like cherry juice and cherry capsules. Once you give a try to the cherry for your joint pain, you'll wonder how you ever did without it.

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