Nayara Energy is an integrated downstream oil company of international scale with strong presence in the hydrocarbon value chain from refining production to marketing in a number of segments including Retail.

The retail business unit of Nayara Energy in a bid to improve service to its customers, pioneered the concept of setting up retail outlets using the franchisee-owned franchisee-operated model, whereby the franchisee leases their land to the company and thereafter invests in setting up the infrastructure for the outlet.

Nayara believes in opening up opportunities for anyone who wishes to own a petrol pump.
Here are the prerequisites to start your own Nayara Energy petrol pump franchisee

Land to Lease:The size of the land may vary from location to location and the type of retail outlet to be established. As a thumb rule the land should be more than 800 sq. mts. in a town area or more than 1200 sq. mts. on a highway. The land should also be leveled and developed. The dealer will have to lease his land to Nayara Energy for a period of 30 years.

Investment for Retail Outlet Development: The investment required in setting up a fuel station depends on the type and location of the retail outlet. Our perfected franchise model requires the outlet to be developed as per the sound knowledge and standards created by our experienced team of engineers, marketers, technicians and managers. The franchisee is required to carry the minimum quantity of fuel needed at the pump for smooth operations, at all times so the customer never goes back disappointed.

Statutory Permissions:The franchisee needs to obtain statutory clearances, NOCs and permissions such as explosives license, retail selling license, sales tax registrations, etc. in the name of Nayara Energy. Our experienced and helpful team of representatives will always be at your assistance.

Involvement in the Business:Nayara Energy will share all its knowledge and learnings about operating a fuel station but its success only beckons those who put efforts, shows interest and abide by the best practices. With time, the business could accumulate a steady stream of income for future generations.

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Nayara Energy is one of the top petroleum company with the second-largest oil refinery in India. Formerly known as Essar Oil Ltd, Nayara Energy is presently the best downstream energy company in India.
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