Although lighter woods are pretty common in today’s kitchens, it seems like darker accents too are finding their way into modern cooking spaces. There is a thing about darker hues which make them most sought after among colours in a spectrum. Modern kitchens as well as those with a dated outlook are seen embracing darker woods, especially cherry wood. Below we have tried to put together how darker woods like cherry wood are incorporated into new age designs.

Blending new styles with traditional designs- the magic of cherry wood

Kitchen cabinets are more about colour, finish and style. That’s why cherry kitchen cabinets are so much in vogue. There is likelihood that if you have a fancy for darker woods, cherry is certainly the colour to settle for. What is even more interesting,you can complement the classic cherry wood furniture with different types of transitional elements.Besides you can mix and match the cherry furniture with gray and brown undertones. Householders mostly have an inclination towards cherry wood kitchen cabinets chiefly because they showcase well defined wood grains adding class and finish to the cooking space. We can barely think of kitchen designs without keeping cherry wood in mind. Other darker woods like maple and oak too speak of finesse but with cherry it’s a way too different. The wood seamlessly adds texture to the space.

How Cherry Cabinets are reigning over kitchen designs?

Choosing cherry discount kitchen cabinets has more to do with changing door colours of the cabinet. When you want to introduce new styles to a kitchen you should take into account the overall design of the project. Some trending ideas on cherry kitchen cabinets have been mentioned in the following lines. Find them below:

Shaker style doors

Shaker style furniture have become more popular these days owing to their versatility and a wide selection of choices. They are naturally timeless and can be seamlessly incorporated into existing décor. When you add shaker style cherry wood cabinets to the kitchen you bring in a very straight forward appeal. Whether you will believe this or not, but shaker style cherry kitchen cabinets set up the stage for all types of centerpieces, focal areas and accents.

Transitional kitchens

As the name suggests, transitional refers to being between two primary phases. We often find cherry kitchen cabinets seamlessly find a place in a transitional décor especially because their accents match with both worlds, contemporary and conventional. The end result is quite eye-catching and unique.

Contemporary kitchens

By contemporary we don’t literally mean the minimalist layout only. Cherry kitchen cabinets chosen for such décor is modern, with cleaner accents and lines. There is something really sophisticated about contemporary kitchens sporting cherry wood cabinets. The cleaner lines of the furniture sheds light on the spaciousness and airier feel of the space.

Irrespective of whether you are choosing cherry discount cabinets or those made of other darker woods, you need to understand the fact that a kitchen is no more just a place to cook food. They have developed these days as multipurpose zones to fit around different types of household needs.

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