A mattress is an integral part of your nightly routine. However, it’s important to tell when to get a replacement. The lifespan of a mattress depends on a plethora of factors although there are some general rules that can help determine this. To help you tell how long your mattress is likely to last, read this guide to learn the best way to evaluate your mattress.

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How to tell you need a mattress replacement

Before delving into the factors that determine the lifespan of a mattress, it’s essential to realize the signs to tell when to replace your mattress. This will help you from unintentionally disrupting your sleep schedule, exacerbate muscle aches, or get poor sleep through sleeping on a mattress pasts its prime. Below are the warning signs to look for.

1. Developing signs of indentions
2. Feeling springs in your back
3. Waking up feeling aches or pain
4. Getting better sleep somewhere else
5. Having the mattress from 6 to 8 years
6. Factors that affect mattress longevity


The type of mattress you choose determines its average life on your bed. Mattresses come in different types including:

1. Air
2. Latex
3. Innerspring
4. Memory foam

For the bed mattress in Dubai, memory foam is a good option for being less prone to sagging. Memory foam mattresses can last for about 10 years. However, prolonging the lifespan of your mattress requires regular flipping and good care.


Your body weight has a significant impact on how long your mattress is likely to last. Having a big body weight exerts more pressure on your mattress significantly reducing its lifespan. This pressure is likely to make the mattress sink and sag soon. Small bodied people exert less pressure on a mattress to make it last longer. A trick to make your mattress last longer is to watch your body weight or to purchase a mattress with appropriate density to support your weight.


Where you put your mattress has an impact on how long it will last. Do you have kids who use your bed as a trampoline? Perhaps you frequently eat or drink on the bed. You’re likely to spill on your mattress compromising its material and lowering its lifespan. Additionally, allowing your children and pets to play on your bed affects its lifespan. Ensure to give your pets designated beds to keep them away from your mattress. Pets shed hair and cells that might end up in your mattress. Additionally, your dog can get involved in an occasional accident that might ruin your good mattress.


How often you use your mattress determines its lifespan. A mattress in a spare bedroom is likely to last longer that one you sleep on every night. The more a mattress is used, the shorter its lifespan becomes. Additionally, the activities subjected to the mattress also affect how long it will last. Staying longer in bed or doing other activities on your bed lowers its lifespan. Perhaps you prefer reading a book or watching TV from your bed during the day. This extended use is likely to make your mattress sag sooner than later.


Proper care and maintenance of your mattress according to manufacturer’s recommendation lengthens the mattress’ lifespan. Getting rid of dust, dirt, and germs from your mattress makes it last longer. Additionally, putting a mattress protector and changing it regularly will make your mattress to last longer.


Finally, you don’t always have to purchase a matching foundation with any new mattress. However, it’s important that your mattress gets appropriate support. This will preserve the integrity and early wear of your mattress materials. A good idea is to check the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure that your foam mattress gets firm and solid support.

A mattress requiring a frame should support your weight and mattress. Perhaps you prefer a queen or king size bed. This should come with center support bars. For a platform bed with wide slats, extra support is required to match mattress type and weight. The trick is to check your bed support annually to ensure that no slats are broken that might affect your mattress.

Wrapping up

The mattress you choose will have a significant effect on your sleep quality. To ensure you get your money’s worth, choose a mattress type that will last longer. However, you have to put in an effort to make your mattress live beyond expected lifespan.

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