Hindi is the official language of Indian countries. Although majority Indians can speak and understand this language well, there are also seven percents people who can not read or write this language. Even many college graduates who are from India countries know Hindi language at all.

Many individuals can not know how to learn Hindi, because it is a small language which less people can speak it in the world compared to other popular language such as English. Many people will choose some good software which can provide then with more functions such as dictionary function and translation function. What's more, most language software can pack all the language fundamentals into a package and majority of software are very easy to operate, because they can provide us with an intelligent interface which can show everything we search quickly. Rosetta Stone Hindi is such an excellent software which can help you learn Hindi language quickly.

Whereas, other persons choose other wise methods to learn Hindi language. It has been proved that learning Hindi from an English friends can be a great manner to learn this language. Your starting learning content is the Hindi conversational phrases which can be used in people's daily life. Essentially, Many Hindi phrases borrowed some English words, this may be due to some historical reasons. For instance, the English word "bus" is a type of slang which is not only used in English in people's daily life but also used in Hindi language widely. Although this word has not been covered in local school textbook, it plays an very important role on the communication of people's daily life.

As already mentioned, English can help you with your Hindi language learning. There are many American civilians who can speak little Hindi language because they learn it from some English language. It is well known that American people are living in a complex environment, so majority of them are bi-lingual, so they can not only master a new language naturally, but also they teach others easily. So if you are studying Hindi language, why not make an American friend who can be easily communicated. You can completely absorb the language spirit from them when you are talking with them in English.

Further more, you can also help them with your own resources or knowledge. For instance, if your American friends are very interested in Italian culture or Italian language, you can recommend Rosetta Stone Italian software which is the hottest language software for Italian learners.

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