A mistake, no matter how large or how small, is still a mistake. It doesn’t matter if it happened on a personal or a professional level; you have to learn how to recoup from it. If you are a perfectionist, this is a bitter lesson to learn, you are human. Some people mentally beat themselves up, and have a problem getting past the mistake they made. Sometimes we are harder on ourselves than an utter stranger would be. Here are some tips for rebounding from what you might feel as the worst mistake ever:

1) Stand Tall: Learn that you are human and that life is full of lessons, and this situation is another lesson to learn from. Maintain your composure. Do not fall apart, this will not help remedy the situation.

2) Tell the truth: Do not make excuses, or blame others: Own up to the mistake, no matter how large or small it was. In your personal as well as your professional life, people respect the truth.

3) Reassess the situation: Even though you have gone over the same scenario a thousand times and you know where you made your mistake, you have to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. You can do this by making a checklist or a flow chart.

4) Have that one on one: Regardless if the mistake was professional or personal, you need to have a one on one with the person that was affected the most. That person might be the owner of a company or a best friend. It doesn’t matter who it is, but they deserve an explanation. You seek them out and explain the situation first; don’t wait and let them find out from someone else. That will only make a bad situation worse.

5) Proving yourself: It might take time for others to trust your decision making capabilities again. Your future interactions might be under scrutiny for a little while, but each time they are, you know you have made a clear, concise decision and that no mistakes were made.

6) Your reputation tells it all: If you are known for being “precise” about everything it shows others that you are not careless by any means. Others will hold you in high regard and will probably laugh at the error as they might not have ever seen you make one before.

7) Move on: If the mistake you made cost a friendship or a career, you’ve learned the lesson the hard way. Mistakes happen, and it’s not just about that, it’s how we learn to stand up again and not carry it with us, that is a lesson as well. The important thing is that you learn from it. Don’t beat yourself up. Once you know how you could have prevented it and what you would have done differently, you have learned the lesson, now let it go and move on.

Life is too short to sweat the small stuff, remember that. Sometimes we make mountains out of molehills. On to the next lesson, enjoy your life’s journey!

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