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Learning French words certainly shouldn’t be a boring, repetitive challenge. For years many people have gone through the "read-and-repeat" process which is a shame because for real French language success all you need to know are a few language learning tips.

The first and most important tip is consistency. It’s not always easy to dedicate a fixed amount of time, but whilst ten minutes learning French is better than none at all you’ll absorb much more of the French language if you can apply yourself in a structured manner. This can be going to French lessons (something I highly recommend), listening to a CD or MP3 while you’re on the move, setting aside an hour each evening for home study, any of a whole bunch of methods. Sound boring? Don’t let it be. Mix up the methods. Find ways to challenge yourself. Learn French related to your favorite pass time or hobby. What do you like to do when you go out? How would you handle that in French?

Another top tip is what I like to call saturation. Learn French words via sound recordings at every opportunity you can. Get a CD or MP3 that you can listen to in the car, on the train, around the house. Watch French films – even if you don’t understand them at first you’ll be amazed how quickly you pick things up. Likewise if you can receive French radio, listen to that too – something you can probably have running on your PC.

Even if you’re not listening directly to it, even if you’re not concentrating on what’s being said, some of it will sink in. Your subconscious mind will learn for you – without any effort on your part. I’ve even had French playing quietly as I doze off to sleep at night or to wake me in the morning – you might laugh, but it works!

So to learn French words successfully you do need to give it some serious consideration and effort. It needn’t cost you a lot of money and it needn’t take all your time and effort – that’s just hard work and nobody learns well if it’s hard work – but you do have to try a few things and find what’s right for you – then you need to do those things regularly.

Here’s an example that works really well for me. I like reading so now I always have a couple of books on the go, not just one – a novel or something I’m interested in written in English, and a French phrase book. I read one for a while, then the other. That way I don’t get bored. I also bought a little digital dictionary made by Franklin with the help of Larousse who are the name in French dictionaries (you can get them at Amazon).

It’s about the size of a mobile phone and has over 50,000 French words and phrases in it. It goes everywhere with me. Sometimes I use it for looking up French words I don’t understand when I’m out and about but quite often I’ll just sit and flick through the screens to teach myself a bit more. With it I can learn French words anywhere and any time I like.

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