An inventive method
There are several activities that the children in the primary grades can be taught, and among them, my personal favorite is letting children create bubbles and soapy formations on blank trays. Here in this blog, I want to share my personal opinion on the children playing with these stuffs that has act as stress-buster in itself. It has the special benefit of getting the kids doing some sort of activities that excite their muscular coordination and hence increase vascular blood flow inside their body.
Why do we do our morning exercises regularly? So that the whole day we remain charged and active. It is the activeness that induces concentration inside the children and hence they become much energized, ready to keep their focus all day long.

Turn learning into playing
Children have a quite dynamic mind; they shift their base of activity from one thing to another. Now, it does not mean that they have to play with soaps only; there are so many activities that can make them excited enough. Such as stuffing a cloth bag with cotton balls, and making with it a teddy bear. These are stimulating activities that all children prefer to learn, and you can teach these by being trained in Pre Primary Teacher Training Course.
Although children remain always active and thus they have a better coordination system, however keeping them engaged creates a better scope of focus inside them. Playing with soap bubbles is not bad, but some resistance may be created due to problems of soap going into eyes, causing severe irritations in children. This type of specialized activity causes much fun and thus has been the major focus of the learning activity program.

Effective for your career as a teacher
One of my friend in my childhood always engaged himself in the library, scanning pages of colorful drawings while we all used to play with plastic monsters and blocks. But that friend of mine has his own stores, and most of us are either in the corporates or academics. Sorry, if I am drawing a contrast, and never I mean to undermine my friend. Reading in library is a great habit, and this great habit is slowly perishing. But being a book-worm does not add to the act of getting great knowledge.
It feels boring for children to always draw and write with white chalk on the blackboard. So, why not make a soap plate and draw beautifully on that? I believe whatever excites children as long as that is not against any class disciplines and human morale, they should do that. Enrolling in the Pre Primary Teacher Training Course will fetch one the methods to learn the various activities that excite the young minds.

Author's Bio: 

Laxmon Gope has been an expert teacher and running several child management programs from a considerable period of time.