Why do people today are approach learning the Chinese language? In my point of view Chinese language is so important today the global citizens cannot ignore at all today. You see the Chinese population are the largest so far across the world even though it is said India's population may overpass the Chinese population in a few years to come. And you also have to be informed that Chinese people are everywhere on the planet doing business or any other activity with people from different parts of this world too. Even though such Chinese people can speak English, you can have a nice talk if you use Chinese. As the development of China goes on, China's economy has boomed, so that many countries in the world are going to China to make a fortune. But in China, what language do you think Chinese people speak today? Of course China!

Are you satisfying with the reasons shown above? I suppose you are. Now let's discuss how you should learn to speak this language. Many Chinese learners always complain that the Chinese language is so difficult that you cannot know how to begin it. That's a definite question. How to begin it? In my idea you should find some simple Chinese sentences to recite, like "Hello!", "Nice to meet you.", "Thank you our thanks." and so on. You don't have to belittle to learn such easy things, for easy things are always the foundation of the difficulty. So keep learning such things and make yourself get familiar with such things in spite of the wrong or improper pronunciation you may make. The pronunciation is but a small part of China as it is in English. But I am not encouraging you to always speak the incorrect pronunciation even Chinese native citizens have the difficult to understand you. I am just stating that you shouldn't ask so much of yourself in the beginning. In fact, if you cannot agree with me, you might as well use Roseatta Stone China to promote your pronunciation first. But the issue is you should have a very strong will to learn this language, or you will get tired on the way.

After you have beeb familiar with such simple things, you will have to learn the Chinese alphabet, or Pinyin Chinese people call it. All of letters are the same as English letters. One rumor is that Chinese letters were borrowed from English. I am not sure of it, but think it is an advantage for the English speakers, or English letter users to learn the Chinese language in this sense. Even though you cannot put down Chinese characters, you can use Chinese Pinyin to go on your learning. For the beginners, you had better choose to learn Chinese letters and get very proficient in them so that you will have the ability to pronounce the Chinese language. Then you can move to speaking Chinese.

Actually speaking Chinese is not easy at all. You should learn how Chinese people speak to each other using the certain words as you do always in English. It needs your vocabulary acquisition, sentence pattern accumulation and some idioms. A Learning Chinese vocabulary and sentence pattern, you can choose Rosetta Stone Chinese. As for idioms, you can accumulate from your daily learning or communicating with Chinese guys. You don't necessarily use an idiom book to teach you. It is boring! Certainly some people may think you need to learn Chinese grammar, but I cannot agree, for Chinese grammar is not as obvious as English grammar. I am a Chinese and I have learned some grammar, but I feel it are so difficult to remember. Now though I cannot understand grammar, I can express my ideas clearly and nicely if it is asked. So what I stress for your Chinese learning is that you had better exert to speak this language as much as you can rather than focus on your textbook and grammar rules.

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