To learn business writing you can take a grab at a few coaching classes. But there is another way of training yourself. Like they say, it’s all about “matters of the mind.” So try out the following tips to angle yourself for effective business writing.

Marketing Angle: No matter what you are working on; a business plan, business letter, landing page or a simple news letter…think like a marketer. Not a sleazy clingy one, but a smart marketer, exuding authority in words.

Marketing is an art yet a cryptic science. You attune words to form a pitch with a maximum effect. On the other hand, you chip off the unnecessary parts that are not important or might lend a cast off.

Approach of an Advertiser: Advertising is communication that you devise from an angle. The next time you sit down to do some business writing, incorporate that communication into your writing.

Promotional Perspective: To learn business writing, learn to develop a perspective that promotes usability and effectiveness of the product.

Strategic Presentation: The Medieval Popes never thought about this. Maybe they could have helped themselves to ward off some of the wrath from the enlightened. Practicing preaching with a style and strategy is the best technique and you should administer it for your business writing learning.

Be Proactive Being honest, outward and explicit doubles the credibility of your offering. Whether you are writing for your own product or working over a client’s, you are getting paid for something, so no shy-shy please!

Choice of Words: The oratory of Obama has an undeniable share in making him what he is today. The words, sentences, structure used along with the execution of vocabulary in communication, verbal or written reflects a large part of ourselves. And, a reader need not to be a neuro-linguistic specialist to decipher that. It just shines through. So, practice choice of words for business writing learning.

Use Business Jargon: You cannot be a specialist if you do not use the language of the tribe. There are always specific anecdotes, clichés, slang and jargon for every tribe. The business community might not be composed of Harvard graduates, but there are a few words that you need to be familiar with, to make an impression. I’ll be doing a few posts on some cool business jargon that you can sprinkle in your business writing to give it a face-lift.

Hope these simple tips would help you to learn business writing in an easier manner!

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