We’ve all been mesmerised or have definitely secretly admired the Bollywood dance steps, haven’t we? Bollywood music in itself is such, that it can make anyone tap their feet to its tunes. But when you do try to dance like the Bollywood artists, you end up feeling like you have two left feet right? Well you aren’t the only one feeling that way. Bollywood dance has become a rage among the kids of this generation. And you got to admit that they’re so much better than we were at our times. Absolute Bollywood offers the best Bollywood dance classes for kids, and not just Bollywood, but we also offer the finest belly dancing classes in London.
Bollywood dance has become increasingly popular in the western countries as well. The footwork, the costumes and the various Indian dance styles are very catching and more and more people have started to show tremendous interest in the field.
Be it traditional or contemporary or any other form, at Absolute Bollywood we are professionals in every form and our Bollywood dance classes for kids are taught by professionals who have not only been in the field for years but have the experience to train kids by co-ordinating to their tempo. Our choreographers curate dance steps not just according to the song but we also incorporate some of the dance steps originally incorporated in the song so as to keep the drama alive.
With the dance industry growing at a rapid rate, a number of career opportunities are on the rise. The entertainment industry is gigantic, they employ thousands of professionals in dance related roles in the United Kingdom alone. There are a number of professions in this avenue from dancing, teaching, choreography or dance notation. Dance workshops are one of the best ways to explore your inner-self while elevating your self-esteem. If you’re on the lookout for the best dancing classes in London, Absolute Bollywood would be your best bet.
Dancing is not just fun, but it is an expression of art. Dancing is a gruelling, exhilarating – and life-changing experience that nourishes both- your body and mind. Once you learn graceful Bollywood Dancing, it will influence your mental stability and it will be the only mental health boost you need.
Belly Dancing promotes femininity, balance, posture, strength, coordination and confidence as well as being a fun and highly expressive art form. In our Belly dancing classes in London, you will learn how to isolate the different parts of your body, improve your posture, tone up. You will discover muscles you never knew existed and learn how to use them to create beautiful movements.
Absolute Bollywood caters to all age groups, whether you’re looking for Bollywood dance classes for kids or belly dancing classes in London, for yourself, we are professionals who are well versed in all dance forms, encompassing expert trainers.

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