Variety of herbs is available having different purposes and used for entirely different situations. Few are used for adorning the salad platter and dishes and few are utilised for making sugar substitutes.
A sugar sweetener Stevia plant is one of the kinds which serve the taste of the normal sugar at much less calories. The Stevia extract from the plant can be used for array of uses. Few can use its leaves dry; few can add flavour to the meals through the leaves. Also it is sweeter than normal sugar and much less on carbohydrates.
There also exist culinary herbs. These herbs are used for cooking and ensure flavour to dishes. The borage is one of its kinds. The list of culinary herbs is long. Such herbs add huge flavour to sea food dishes, stews. Basil, lovage, stevia, marjoram falls in the category of culinary leaves.
The next categories of herbs are aromatic herbs which add aroma to food. Definitely it must have happened many times that one feels a strong urge of food due to strong compelling scent of dishes cooked. The air laced with the aroma carries one in the direction. Lavender, sages are few out various present.
Medicinal herbs are other sort present. These herbs are effective in illness cure. Since ancient times the herbs have been used for purification and disease fighters. Today these herbs are added in food to ensure that body stays fit. Most of the times the dishes are added with such herbs to assure better digestion. Echinacea is the kind of medicinal herb which are used while cooking.
Also there are many herbal sweetener which can be used in place of natural sugar. Such herbs not only compensate the sugary effect of the normal sugar but also they are less on calorie, carbohydrate and are required in much less amount.
Some herbs are used to deck up the dishes few herbs like lavender, chicory and others can be used to adorn the platters. This style is famous amid many hotels and restaurant. The ornamental style is very appealing and is of high concerns.
Ultimate care is to be shown for the herbs while using them the user should be aware of the right usage. Like while adding Stevia, a natural sweetener one should be careful, for an extra amount can make the dish extra sweet. Few above herbs can be detestful for they may be poisonous if added than the required.

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