We all love the “just do it” slogan for Nike, we all love that leap of faith, don’t we?

Some may say “Yes!” and some of you may say “No!”, and the good news is… this is for all of you!

Let me make something very clear today, you are putting your faith and taking a “leap of faith” every moment, every hour, every day of your life. And what you are putting your faith into affects those of your family and loved ones.

How is it we can assume that every time we get into our vehicles to go somewhere we will ALWAYS reach our destination? I live where every road is an “S” curve and have had to get used to going around the bend and having someone on my side of the road… not to mention the extra bonus of the surprise Amish buggy.

When we drive, we put our life into the hands of every single person driving on the same road coming toward us, those in front of us and even all the drivers in back of us. And we don’t even know who they are.

When we eat at a restaurant we put our faith in the people preparing the food. When we buy prepackaged food, we trust that it is what it says it is.

We put our faith into our Doctor’s and Lawyers, and even they call what they do A PRACTICE.

Just never forget that when we put our faith into PEOPLE, we are bound to be let down, it IS going to happen. Car accidents happen, people DO get sick from eating out and from food at home, and some even die. Doctors do misdiagnose and lawyers lose cases. It’s just that human being part.

Even those whom love you will let you down as we love them… and we will let them down as well.

I guess we would call these “calculated risks”. We know that we have to drive, eat and love and DECIDE if it’s worth the risk.

I just felt the urge to share with you the SOLID ROCK in my life of the ONLY thing on this earth that has NOT let me down, The Word of God, it has proven true every time.

If you would like to learn what to do to get the Faith & Trust that is reserved only for the Lord, than you must read the love letters He has written for you. The Holy Bible was written for YOU personally. God knows you by name.

For more information or if you would just like to talk, I’m here for you (most of the time), but through Jesus Christ, God is here for you ALL THE TIME. Amen!

Thank you for your time, listen for God!

Author's Bio: 

Christian Professional Organizer and Author Holly Boyd travels the Country helping you organize head, home and heart all by the age-old and proven methods of the Bible!

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