Leaning Back is all about existing in your Feminine Power.

Leaning Back is purposely NOT doing anything from your Masculine Power when interacting with a man.

Remember, being in your Feminine Power involves:

and expressing.

It's NOT about getting things done, controlling, thinking, doing, taking action or making decisions.

All of these things are considered Leaning Forward and being in your Masculine Power.

Of course you do these things at work, with your kids or other areas of your life where you are in charge!


Take the focus off of your man, relationship or situation.

Direct your energy in a totally different direction.

Now, Focus on something about yourself.

Make plans for YOU!

Focus on the things you enjoy about being a woman!

Schedule some time just for you.

Get into the details of yourself

- your hair

- Your nails

- Your makeup

- Your clothing

- Your nutrition

- Your health

- Your peace of mind

- Your feelings ♥


Focusing on You Is being the center of your own world and it means stopping yourself from

(1) talking about him

(2) thinking about him or

(3) making your plans around him.

Get into your own schedule and keep it!!


You're into yourself, your own schedule, and doing what you enjoy. There's nothing Leaning Forward about this
. . . it's total Feminine Power!

I invite you to experience Leaning Back from yourself when you feel yourself doing things for a relationship or a man instead of doing things for yourself.

So, instead of making plans to enjoy time in your relationship, stop yourself and make plans just for YOU.

While Making Plans Is Doing Something, It's Still Leaning Back Because You're Taking Your Energy Off Of Him And The Relationship And Directing It Inward Towards Your Happiness.

All Of That Love You Want To Show To Him - Show It To Yourself!

Try This And See What Happens.

Whether You're In A Relationship Or Just Dating.

You'll Be Surprised.

Notice his response.

Write down how it makes you feel.

Experiment with seeing love and relationship a different way.

Author's Bio: 

Tatia Dee is a Life & Relationship Coach with a practice focused on helping women achieve the love and life they want in a quick, powerful and successful way. She’s an expert in Helping Women Reconnect With Their Feminine Power.

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