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“With flour-dust sprinkled in her greying hair and a beaming smile [she] runs, all alone, the centuries-old watermill of Thunderbridge” was the headline of Daily Mail, from the 21st October 1938. The headline emphasized the work of Mrs. H. Dickinson, who had taken over the running of her mill after the death of her husband in 1936. She was one of the only female millers in the country at that time. Even at times like when gender disparity in men dominated sector was at its height, Mrs. H. Dickinson proved that with passion and sheer dedication women can lead any sector despite its size.

In this modern era of technological advancements, there is merely any industry or business sector which does not have woman leadership. From Health, Education, Recruitment to IT, Banking, and Real Estate, women entrepreneurs have been able to endure economic and business pressures to be the best. In this edition “Leading Women Entrepreneurs Who Established Business in Emerging Industry” Insights Success lists women entrepreneurs span many industries. It includes women entrepreneurs who have made a significant mark in recent decades. The featuring is in no particular order, and by no means extensive, but strives to acknowledge women who have built a world-renowned brand through their own effort and commitment.

The cover featured Laura Brandao, president of American Financial Resources. Her journey started with the telemarketing job where she demonstrated equalled skills of marketing and realised her competency in the sector.

Laura is a passionate leader as well as an inspirational individual. She believes continuous learning is important for leaders. “Books, podcasts, webinars, listening to others within and outside your industry is invaluable,” she says.

Laura serves as Chair of the National Association of Minority Mortgage Bankers of America's (NAMMBA) Visionary program, recruiting corporate partners for Mission 2025, launched to introduce, develop, and connect college talent to the industry. She also invites members of the Women's Mortgage Network to participate in interviews and weekly “Growth Series” challenges.

Let’s unveil more alike and inspiring stories of such extraordinary woman business leaders and spread the word about their contribution in making this world a better place.

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