The current business world is in need of empowering women leaders, who with their inclusive and empathetic approach can do wonders in any organization. Women leaders are believed to be ambitious in their approach. They have ambitious plans, meaningful purposes, and worthy goals. They motivate their teams by creating aspirational goals. They transform challenges into opportunities. They grab opportunities diligently and make them count to make a difference. They lead with emotional intelligence, empathy, competence, and compassion.

Moreover, empowering women leaders in business are bold and courageous. They understand that it is essential to be bold to thrive in a world with cut-throat competition. Empowered women encourage other women to be bold and brave and they never lose sight of their goals. They empower each other to go against the norm or prejudices and be strong and courageous in the pursuit of their ambitious goals without giving in to the opinions of anyone else. They don’t allow themselves to be demoralized by the opinions of negative people. They prepare a strategic plan to implement their novel ideas. They are result-oriented leaders and they judge a thing on its merit. Such women lead from the front and set exemplary standards.

In addition, empowering leaders are proactive in their approach. They are enthusiastic to take on new challenges and deliver a topmost performance. These leaders never become victims of any fear or mediocrity. There is harmony in their words, thoughts, and actions. They are very much aware of their potential and don’t limit themselves anywhere. They know that they can thrive in any field they choose to be in. They are clever at making maximum use of the opportunities they have. They are never trapped by dogma, fanaticism, fear, and distractions.

Leadership is a serious responsibility and not a post to enjoy. Empowering leaders utilize all their resourcefulness to drive the growth of the organization. They give momentum to the growth of the organization. They make a difference in the lives of their employees as well as their clients. They like to walk in the light of creative altruism than walking in the darkness of destructive selfishness. They have great role models in their lives. And they also lead in such a way that they become role models for future generations. They are driven by the spirit of contribution for worthy causes and they do that with utmost grace.

In this edition of “[The 10 Most Empowering Women in Business, 2021](”, we are presenting such empowering women who are leading ambitiously and that are contributing to the most significant and worthy causes.

Featuring as the cover story of this edition is [Rachel Lemos](, the Director, Corporate Procurement at Canadian Western Bank (CWB). Rachel is a strategic and highly results-oriented procurement leader with over 20 years of experience in large and international companies specializing in strategic sourcing, public procurement, and supply chain operations management.

With a diverse background in both private and public sectors, she has demonstrated the ability to deliver a world-class procurement, driving results that directly affect the top and bottom lines of organizations.

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