There used to be a time when bringing about reforms, transitions, providing training and updating members the education community along with creating awareness about government policies were the responsibilities of the educators. In addition, they also counselled students with their future career path. All these responsibilities along with educating the future generation used to be very taxing for the educators.
Gone are those days. Now one cannot even imagine the education sector without education consultants. They not only bring about transitions in the education environments of institutes but are also the dependable guides for teachers, students and parents. They implement changes in the curriculum to the best interests of both teacher and learner.
The responsibilities of an educational counsellor are aplenty. Besides, improving the school’s and student’s needs they have to also keep themselves abreast with the global education trends and reforms. The information gathered is then disseminated to the educators and the other members of the education community. Lot of research and market survey are done by the educational consultants to shoulder their responsibilities effectively and to the satisfaction of the educators as well as that of the students.
Ample knowledge about various careers and career opportunities, incorporating current technology and education trends are no child’s play for the consultant who manages various aspects of education skilfully. Education consultants are the most trustworthy advisors for teachers, parents, school administrators and students. With them lie the gigantic responsibility of assessing education standards and improvising the best methods to raise the bars.
Then there are millions of students aspiring to study overseas in the best universities and education consultants are the best guides for them. Evaluating the profile, choosing the right university, preparing financial documents, supporting documents, filling applications, counselling for Visa interviews and University interviews are all deftly managed by the education consultants. Once you entrust your educational journey to an education consultant, you can rest assured that the process will be cakewalk for you.
Besides, some education consultants by virtue of their sheer knowledge in the field are also invited by governments to share their expertise in bringing about reforms education policies.
Indeed, education consultants are the lifeline of any education system today. We at The Knowledge Review have highlighted the importance of education consultants in our latest edition titled, Leading Education Consultants to Watch in 2020.
On the cover we have, Campus Abroad Mauritius, which devotedly provides conclusive counselling, supports young learners, and helps them make a career choice or pick a subject that taps the greatest potential within them.
Other prominent consultants include, HeadWest Migration, which provides various immigration services to Canada and other countries. It is a new age education and immigration start-up established in 2015. Through various strategies, HeadWest offers permanent residency services, abroad education placements, investments in businesses overseas and assistance; and Visamax Immigration, which caters to the needs of people who are willing to start their career and a new life in other countries.
This edition also includes insightful articles penned by industry experts and our in-house editorial team, sharing their views on education consulting and beyond.
We hope you enjoy reading this editon as much as we did while curating it for you!

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