Are you tired of the standard practice of developing New Year’s resolutions and then feeling guilty because you have not followed through on them? Many would answer a resounding YES!

In Jack Canfield’s book, The Success Principles, he provides some interesting insights and a fresh approach to this age old dilemma. Psychologists say that 90% of our behavior is habitual. Wow! The good news is that habits can free up your mind while your body is on automatic, like when you plan your day while brushing your teeth. The bad news is that some of our unconscious self-defeating behaviors can become habits that inhibit our growth and limit our success. Your current habits are producing your current level of results. So, if you want to achieve a higher level of success, you need to drop some of your “old” habits and replace them with more productive habits.

What habits may be holding you back from being as successful as you want?

Canfield asks a great question, “What could you achieve if you took on four new habits a year?” Doesn’t this make things sound more realistic and manageable? This is only 1 per quarter! We can all do that!.

Canfield suggests a simple approach:

1. Make a list of your negative habits.

2. For each one choose a better, more productive success habit to replace it and develop systems that will support you. Be specific in what you will do to adopt the new habit.Commit 100% to this new daily discipline. That’s a tough one but important to success.


Negative Habit- Being late for meetings and appointments

Success Habit- Make a list of all your appointments for the day. Put them in your calendar, phone, etc. Put a reminder in your system for 15 minutes prior to the meeting.

Negative Habit – Not consistently returning phone calls

Success Habit – Return all phone calls within 24 hours. Make a list, check them off. Atta boy yourself!

You get the idea. Your habits determine your outcomes. Success doesn’t just happen. It requires focused action, discipline, determination and commitment. Try this Success Habit routine. Keep it simple. Work on one habit per quarter. Right now, select a Negative Habit that is holding you back and the Success Habit you want to develop for this quarter – between now and the end of March. Work on it daily. Put reminders for yourself. Enroll the support of others. Commit 100% to your new Success Habit. Think how much better your career, your life, and even the world will be when you commit to 100% excellence in everything you do!

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