‘United we stand, divided we fall’. Nothing explains the importance of a team better. A successful organization is backed by a team that has worked hard and relentlessly - and to drive a team towards success, it is important to have a competent leader at the helm.

Team building activities and leadership training are important exercises that an organization cannot ignore. A group of people means ‘n’ number of minds, and to get them focused and think together is a Herculean task for even seasoned managers. Team building workshops help the team members understand each other and derive ways of communicating and working together, while leadership development programs allow the manager/ team leader to hone his skills and use them intelligently to get work done.

A manager’s job is a tightrope walk - handling ego issues, solving communication problems, keeping a keen eye on the work, ensuring that deadlines are met; all this while managing the whole team, can take a toll on anyone.

What are the essential qualities of a good leader?

Be impartial: Every team member has their own unique set of skills and they should be valued for the same. Only because one person does a specific job better than the other does not mean that others are not an asset for the organization. Every member has their own area of expertise and during the course of work, each member should get a chance to use their talent. It is important that the team leader is impartial and treats every individual as a valuable part of the team.

Be a mentor: A manager is the decision maker, the one who takes the whole responsibility of his team, therefore, he has to set an example through his own work and dedication. The role of a manager towards his team is that of a mentor, who has to steer them towards achieving the set goals. A manager has to be the thread that holds the team together!

Facilitate communication: It is widely said that 90% disputes occur due to lack of proper communication. A good leader is the one who keeps all channels of communications smooth and open. When each member of the team helps the other, it becomes much easier to achieve goals. After all, collective wisdom is better than a single mind.

That is why it is important to invest in good and result-driven team building activities and leadership development programs to help your team become a force, driven by a capable manager!

Author's Bio: 

Arun Rao is a corporate trainer in reputed company and who writes on numerous topics including Induction training for new employees, Sales training, Leadership training programs & Innovation training, to name a few.