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Here's an article that i once wrote thinking about my own state in life.
Our life is our own and to be honest it has to do with us leading our self in the right direction. We could also believe that everyone is the leader of their own life. No one can tell a person how to adjust to life since we are accountable of our very life!
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Juliette J Nibbs

To be a lifelong leader, you must be a lifelong learner. Excellence is not an accident, it happens when leaders call for it.
Leadership begins on the inside, it starts with “being” not “doing”

Leader is a provider
Purposeful (they approach others with a purpose; to add value)
Relational (they are warm and inviting and work at relationships)
Objective (they assess strengths and weaknesses objectively)
Vulnerable (they model self-disclosure and honesty)
Incarnational (they are examples of what they teach)
Dependable (they are consistent and responsible for their promises)
Empowering (they give power away and facilitate growth in others)
Resourceful (they use every tool they have to grow people)

Integrity builds trust and trust builds relationships. Leaders know what they’ll stand for and won’t stand for. Effective leaders are not afraid to confront when necessary and spiritual leaders lead from the inside out. If leaders won’t carry the ball, they can’t lead the team.

Leadership qualities
§§§ Love (leadership is motivated by love for people)
§§§ Joy (exhibit an unshakable joy, regardless of circumstances)
§§§ Peace (people need to see the inward peace and take courage)
§§§ Longsuffering (wait patiently for results as leaders develop people or goals)
§§§ Kindness ( care and understand toward everyone leaders meet)
§§§ Goodness (leaders want the best for others and the organizations)
§§§ Faithfulness (keep commitments to the mission)
§§§ Gentleness ( strength have to be under control, cannot be big and tender)
§§§ Self—control ( disciplined to make progress towards the goals)

Personal qualifications of leaderships
What qualifies a person to be a great leader? Most natural leaders don’t aspire to be a great, they aspire to be great persons.
Personal qualifications lead to leadership qualifications. When leaders lead their own lives well, others naturally want to follow. When we want leadership to last, we must pay attention to four crucial elements
1_ Character -enables leader to do what is right even when it seems difficult
2_ Perspective- enables leaders to understand what must happen to reach a goal
3_ Courage- enables leaders to initiate and take the risks to step out towards a worthy goal
4_ Favor- enables leaders to attract and empower others to join in the cause

Leaders gain credibility when they suffer with those they lead. Good leaders build a sense of urgency, destiny and family.
They earn their right to be heard by serving others.
Effective leaders build convincing case for why their people should change. Productive leaders communicate the superiority and the benefits of their ideas. Faith and visions are not options to good leadership, but necessities

Leaders live by vision
1_ Vision (they see the promises from afar off. These leaders have power for today because they have a vision for tomorrow)
2_ Confidence ( they are assured of the promises. They’re remaining optimistic because they want to make a legacy more than living)
3_ Hunger (they embraced the promises. They have ownership of what only their decendant would enjoy
4_ Resolve (they confess they are stranger and pilgrims. They make up their minds. Their dreams, not their memories consumed them)

The more leaders walk the lest they have to talk. And integrity occurs when words and actions
Leaders mot be pure, mercy and justice are healthy motivations. Leaders are to humble themselves so they be exalted in due time. They are judges more strickly than followers.

Author's Bio: 

Juliette J Nibbs, a Published Author of poetic anthology, blogger, Philanthropist, Founder of The Alliance And Trust Foundation Society
Poet and author equally skilled, visualizing this initiative aiming at retouching her approach to modern society with zeal, wit and wisdom
There was a huge lapse of time and events changed and Juliette found herself evaluating and researching meaning and understanding core values and so she embark into a world of quest where she sees herself thinking aloud and reflecting, portraying and illustrating an acceptable and just life in a way that is proven that all is possible when sought for.
A once champion of words and expressions, with wisdom humor and clarity she opens up to what lifts us up and what pulls us down as evidence in this peculiar Book of modern ‘’Wits and Wisdom’’ anthology
Juliette currently pursuing a doctorate research degree in Human Services with specialization in Social Policy planning and strategy.