Lebron James just made a big announcement to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers and sign with the Miami Heat. There's nothing wrong with this decision itself. However, based on what I've seen from Lebron and the Cavs owner Dan Gilbert, I think there's a lesson in both of their actions that we can apply in MLM and just about any part of our lives.

1. Everybody Fails at One Point or Another - If you stay in your failure, you have nothing to blame but yourself. Great leaders use failures to fuel themselves to success.

2. It's Ok to Change Course - There are times when we need changes or adjustments. If what you are doing currently is not getting you to the success you are looking for, it's time to evaluate. Perhaps it's in your marketing strategies, the opportunity you are in, or the support system.

3. Have a Class in Your Loss - When you lose, be gracious enough to congratulate your opponent. Better yet, study them and learn from them, so you can be even better.

4. Have Integrity - When your action contradicts your words, have integrity to own up to it. Don't try to make it to be something it's not.

5. Be Selfless - True leaders focus on serving others and not on self-serving hype.

6. Have Honor - Remember your commitments, obligations, and relationships and honor them. Once you make a commitment, whether it's a simple appointment for a phone call or joining a new opportunity, keep it. If you are unable to, communicate it directly to the other party.

7. Be Gracious - If your former associate slaps you in your face, don't retaliate. Instead, have a class. If at some point they had made a positive contribution to you, be gracious about it and acknowledge their value, and wish them luck.

8. Stay Under Control - When something does happen that upsets you, wait till you've cooled off to take the right action. When you don't, you are more likely to lash out and do something you'll regret.

9. Don't Make a Promise You Can't Keep - Know your capabilities, and don't put too much on your plate. Don't promise to help someone you are not capable of helping, or get involved in too many activities. It's better to under-promise and over-deliver.

Of course nobody is perfect, and leaders make mistakes too. But if you are fortunate to be considered as a leader, there's a reason why you got there. So live up to your expectations. Remember, it takes work to build a trust, but it's a lot easier to break it.

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