Leaders must lead the way in all things, including having fun – the energy and enthusiasm generated by the leader will have an immediate impact on the organization. Employees look to their leaders for cues on “how” to act. If the boss is having fun, employees will pick up the vibe and have fun too. The disposition and demeanor of the leader is a key component of an organizations’ work environment. Writer and lecturer Dale Carnegie stated, “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” The secret to building a great organization is to create a fun environment that people love to work in.

What does having fun mean in the context of a work or business environment? Having fun entails enthusiastically embracing all of the great things that come your way during a days’ work. Having fun is the specific intent or desire to meet all challenges with a positive mental attitude and a focus on making every minute valuable, productive, and worthwhile. Whether you are cheering up a co-worker or solving a complex problem, you bring a sense of determination, focus, and positive energy that will benefit everyone involved.

Can a work environment be both fun and effective? Can you imagine going to work every day energized and motivated to get started? Can productivity be increased in a fun, easy-going, relaxed environment? My answer to all three questions is a resounding…yes! We should never assume that a fun, loose, relaxed environment automatically means that there is a lack of productivity. In fact, this type of environment is often the most productive because it is loose and relaxed. Why do top athletes strive to be loose before a competition? Athletes understand that being tense causes tightness which leads to mistakes, anxiety, and worry. The lighter the work environment, the better people will perform.

Leaders seek to build fun environments that will motivate, inspire, and encourage people to be creative. As the leader you are responsible for creating an environment that allows your people to give their best effort on a daily basis. One way to create a fun environment is to enjoy your job so much that it doesn’t feel like work at all. You have such a great time at work that you cannot believe that you actually get paid to do what you love to do. Inevitably your enthusiasm will spread and pretty soon other people will adopt the same mentality and perspective. Billionaire and world-famous entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson stated, “A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.” Think about the environment that you would most enjoy working in and then set out to create it.

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