Wish you could make your guitar solo licks feel unbelievable and innovative?

I've got a cool surprise to show you.

Pick up your guitar really quick and do this:

Pick any note and pick it.

Without delay slide from the note you sounded up by an octave (playing it on the same string).

After that employ heavy vibrato to make the note more emotional.

Make this become much more original by sliding back to go back to initial note.

I refer to this technique as “Super Sliding Technique.”

And you can use this technique in almost any musical style to comfortably play amazing phrases across the neck.

Sounds a lot better being fixed in a single scale pattern.

( This is very typical for most guitarists.)

Wish to observe how it is done?

See this video to find out how to play super slides technique:


Super slide technique are merely one of plenty of expressive lead guitar approaches that can add drama to your guitar licks.

These are some more ways to become better at lead guitar:

Lead Guitar Technique # 1: Sliding The Note Back

Sliding the note back is similar to the super slide (and it's one of my personal favorite lead guitar embellishments).

The following is how you play with it:

Perform any note. Slide up the fretboard to a higher pitch and immediately slide back to the initial tone.

Check out this video clip to see it at work:


Note: a backslide is an embellishment on a single tone. Don't think of it as different notes.

It isn't important how far you slide as you use a backslide. (None of the people listening cares where you slide to on the fretboard, since the backslide takes place so rapidly. Anyone listening is going to hear is the result of the technique.).

Bonus Tip: Ornaments like slides and backslides help you put together impressive guitar solos and licks by giving you more time to think of what’s next.

When you decorate a fret you already played together with a backslide (or a legato run of any kind ) you get a few additional moments to figure out what to play as you go on.

Lead Guitar Technique # 2: Vibrato Tapping For Creativity

What do you have whenever you put together tapping technique, fretting hand legato technique and vibrato technique?

Answer: You get emotional & unique guitar licks that make you sound like an expert, even if you can't perform on guitar with a lot of speed still.

Most interesting aspect of all this?

Together with these licks, you transform a technique you'd normally only listen to in rock guitar songs to make it work in any musical style (including quiet acoustic music, blues and even folk).

Yes, that's right.

Make some simple corrections to how you play 2-hand tapping right now.

Lead Guitar Technique # 3: Delay Resolution

Holding off a moment before applying vibrato deposits more passion into any guitar solo lick, additionally:

It just about guarantees to make people pay attention to whenever you want.

(It's almost like you entice your listeners to pay attention to anything you play during your phrases.


You don't need to be a top-tier guitarist to be able to use delayed resolution.

It's not even necessary to practice it for more than just a couple of minutes.

Currently you understand how to add passion into your guitar playing.

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