When it comes to a good prospect for foreign investment, Singapore is one of the nations at the top of the list. This city-state continues to impress businessmen across the globe with its continuous, strong performance. So to speak, it ranks first in the ease of doing business for two consecutive years. This entices investors outside of the country to put their money there. Besides, Singapore is just one of the few countries where harmony between all races is present. There is no such thing as discrimination hovering over the Asian Tiger. This, in turn, promotes healthy competition and relationship among various companies, within the same sector or not.

Small-and-medium businesses comprise a big population of firms in Singapore. Although they are considered to be minor players, these companies bring economic benefits (employment, taxes, products and services) to the state. Take them away from the industry and you will paralyze the entire country. One of the greatest hurdles that they constantly face is lead generation. SMBs always take an uphill climb in bringing new customers in their sales pipeline. This is not at all a news that will surprise every one. Considering the scarce resources-manpower, materials, machinery, money, experience and methods-that they have, it really is not surprising to hear them grieve over low number of sales-ready buyers.

True enough, passing the lead generation test is the most fulfilling that every company dreams of. If they can get the number of leads that they are yearning, then they can see a giant leap in their financial position and performance. But, the million dollar question is how? With the competition that reaches its paramount, it would be a stiff battle to get the customers before the competitors snatch them away. With the rising prices, is it really possible to achieve goals while splurging? And with less methods to count on, do they know the first and succeeding steps to move until they have reached the pot of gold? I bet that some Singaporean business organizations still do not have the right answers to these queries. But, I believe they do not give up in finding them.

For SMBs that tremendously need the restructuring that they need, I will present some of the simple and most useful tips on how to be a champion in generating qualified prospects. The following list enumerates them:
Never start without a leads database. Always start the campaign by securing an updated leads database. Why am I bragging this concern? For obvious reasons, you need faster and more accurate process to yield positive results. Now, all you have to do is to conduct precision targeting. Meaning to say, you market your goods and services only to those that most likely buy your products, especially the sales-ready opportunities. And a contact list is the only weapon that will help you on this. The business contact information stored in the data bank will give you the ticket to reach the prospective clients as quick as possible.

Be impassioned in telemarketing. Today's generation is hyped with anything digital. The business community is also infected with this new epidemic. Companies go gaga in using digital marketing tools like email blasting, social media and affiliate marketing programs. However, this does not omit the fact that telemarketing remains the most reliable avenue. No other tool can reach potential customers within a few seconds and compel them to respond immediately. Talking directly to the possible buyers is the key element in any marketing campaign. And doing this to hundreds of prospects daily make it faster to capture the opportunities while accelerating the entire process.

Hire the right people with the right skills. Marketing may be a non-core function only. But, most companies are honest in saying that it is one of the most crucial and at the same time difficult in doing business. The key element in this division is the human capital. Invest in hiring competent employees that show the greatest potential. Always remember that in everything you do, success lies in the hands of your employees. 

Consider outsourcing. The first three demand a large amount of money. You cannot expect to run a telemarketing campaign without the jaw-dropping costs. Also, your attention may be divided instead of mastering only your core business. To shy away from huge costs while maintaining quality, seek the professional assistance of an outstanding telemarketing company or call center.

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 Belinda Summers is a professional Lead Generation Consultant helping corporate organizations increase their revenue through telemarketing *lead generation* and *appointment setting* strategies. To know more about lead generation and appointment setting, visit: http://www.callboxinc.com/