Have you ever wondered how those few chocolates and eating junk food can create a massive adverse impact on your health? Did you know that eating healthy, exercising a little bit every day, and maintaining some healthy lifestyle benefits can help you in the long run? The balanced diet and some day-to-day habits will reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, and obesity, to name a few. In short, if you want to add years to your life and feel energized and good about yourself, you do not have to do anything huge.

Small changes in your daily life will make you feel amazing about yourself. It is not only about physical health; it is also about mental and emotional health. Thus, healthy lifestyle habits also include changing your mindset.

Healthy lifestyle controls your weight, improves your mood, combats diseases, boosts energy, and improves longevity. Imagine you do not have to visit a doctor. You set a good example for your loved ones. You become more positive. You can work hard towards fulfilling your dreams. You can do all these if you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Out of all the bad habits that have resulted in a sedentary lifestyle is the increase in screen time. During work, we use computers or laptops. We have our phones with us almost all the time, which we use it even if there is no need to. At the end of the day, we feel so tired that after going home, we want to watch television. We live in the age of never-ending screen usage. Excessive screen usage is harmful not only for kids, but for adults as well. So, the first and the foremost and the most important lifestyle change that we have to adapt to is reducing screen time. How do we do that?

Peel Technologies have thought upon this and after the immersive brainstorming sessions and in-depth research, they have come up with a universal remote control app called Peel smart remote app. It is a revolutionary application for Android users that can help them control their home entertainment devices from a single app. The app is extremely user-friendly, built especially to keep easy browsing experience for users in mind. This smart remote app comes with a lot of features including smart recommendations, voice control and an extremely useful TV programming guide.

Let us see how Peel smart remote app can help us to lead a healthy lifestyle….

1. Use a TV programming guide

Alright, think what you do when you switch on the TV every time. You start with finding remotes first. There’s a separate remote for your TV and your set-top box. Once you switch on the TV, you start browsing the channels and switch one by one. You invest so much time in figuring out what you want to watch. Once you find the right thing to watch, you have already spent so much time browsing. Peel smart remote is developed taking this into consideration.

This universal remote control app cuts down on your TV watching time. It gives you a complete schedule and synopsis of the programs. You may check out the timings and channel of your favorite show or movie and then directly start watching it. You will save on the browsing time.

2. Leverage smart recommendations

One of the best features of this universal remote control app is that it gives smart recommendations to viewers based on their previous choices. As soon as you switch it on, you get suggestions about programs or movies. Since the time you first downloaded the app, it keeps a track of what kind of programs you like. Whether you watch news, sports, web series or movies. Whether you like romantic or thriller. Based on this, it gives you smart recommendations. Thus, this smart remote app saves you a lot of time

3. Make the use of thumbnails

One more amazing feature of this smart remote app is thumbnails. Now imagine you are watching something and you want to know what shows or movies are scheduled for other channels. And, you want to do it without missing even a single dialogue of what you are currently watching. Well, it is absolutely possible using thumbnails. This universal remote control app lets you go through the thumbnails while being on the same channel. When you long press on any of the thumbnail, it gives you a synopsis of the entire program. If you find it interesting, simply click on it and you will get redirected to that channel. This is to make it extremely convenient and comfortable for you to navigate through the app and give you an amazing experience. To add to this, this smart remote app also lets you watch the promos and clips of the shows or movies.

The Takeaway

Bad habits are extremely difficult to get rid of! Change is difficult too! However, if you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle, you must gradually develop those good habits in your day-to-day life. Once you start incorporating it in your life, you will soon realize that it was surely not a wrong decision. In fact, it was one of the best decisions that you have taken in your life. You might not understand the importance of a healthier lifestyle until you are 25! However, later in your life, you will regret the fact that you gave priority to other things in your life rather than giving it to your health. Make sure you eat healthy things, exercise daily, drink lots of water, leverage the latest technologies and do what makes you feel good.

As far as Peel smart remote app is concerned, make sure you use that app to reduce your screen usage. Leverage its features to decrease your screen time and watch the television in the most effective manner. The best part is it is extremely easy to download the app and set it up. All you have to do is go to the Play Store and click on Install. As easy as that. So, what are you waiting for? Download it today!

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