Goethe is quoted as saying, “There nothing worth more than this day”. He certainly was correct. To miss the experiences of today because of thoughts of tomorrow…..or the next day……or the upcoming weekend, would mean missing the experiences of today. So, to resolve to live in conscious awareness today is of value.

What would happen though if you decided to live each moment of this day? To be alive in the present moment with all that might unfold there? To become aware of the minds propensity to look backward or forward and miss what is right here right now. What a concept!

To accomplish this you would have to become aware of the stories the mind is telling right now, the stories that move you away from this moment. And to do so you would become aware of your five senses; your physical form perhaps through your breathing, what you were seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting……… Then the texture of life would change, become enhanced by these awareness’s. And as you continued to deepen into this moment, to ‘taste’ the juicy aliveness of it, something else would enter your awareness. You would find that whatever stories your mind usually tells would become background to the foreground of the moment. The stories would no longer seem so ‘real’ or important, and certainly not as urgent as they once seemed. And life would unfold on it’s own without your pushing it. If the phone rang you would answer it, or not. If you wanted tea you would fix it. If you had an appointment you would be there. But, without all the internal dialogue that usually moved you away from the richness of the moment you are actually living in.

In a real way you would become more the witness of your life as it is actually happening rather than living some story of the past or the future. A story that either no longer exists or one that you have no way of knowing will occur. If healing of the past is required then the mind must be free of old stories or future fears. Healing of the wounds of time happens with awareness in the present moment. If you want your life to be different then life lived in this moment is the place to begin and where it will occur.

“Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes and the flowers grow by themselves”

Old Zen proverb

Author's Bio: 

Kenneth Andert is a psychotherapist in private practice in Portland, Oregon. He can be reached at klaanicca@msn.com or by telephone at 503 421 5904