Every student at SRM University has the unique privilege of experiencing top-class learning and academics of the highest level. By creating an atmosphere that is conducive for knowledge and growth, SRM University has ensured that it retains its position amongst the top ranking universities in India.

From the wide range of Engineering, Management, Medicine courses in Under-Graduate, Post-graduate and PHD levels, Civil Engineering has found favour amongst a large number of students. With a clear-cut mission to create outstanding civil engineers to build a beautiful and strong nation, SRM University has employed unique teaching techniques that keeps the students engrossed and teachers focussed.

Since equal weightage is given to the technical aspects of the course and soft-skills like interpersonal skills, the student turns out to be a wholesome combination of both. These skills put together gives the students a much-needed kick-start to manage in this competitive world.

Under-graduate Program:

This meticulously designed undergraduate program has been created with the sole focus of giving the future civil engineer a rock-solid foundation which will stand good for him/her throughout their career. Besides the engineering subjects, the student is also provided training for computers, management, instrumentation, economics, mathematics and physics too with a view of its application in the field.

Field visits to construction sites, industries, dams etc. are also organized to give students a peek into the real world and allow them to get a first-hand feel of the civil engineer’s responsibilities. These features are vital to mould the students into a perfect engineer who ready to take charge.

Post-graduate Program:

SRM University’s Post-graduate programs are well-recognized in corporate circles and have gained respectability over the years. The quality of post-graduates matches with the best and has a lot of credibility in the industry.

Research areas identified for PhD pursuing students include:

• Soil-structure interaction
• Concrete technology
• Structural systems
• Concrete bridges
• Irrigation water management
• Wetland management

Intense summer internships are an integral part of the post-graduation curriculum and are a great learning experience for the civil engineers in the

Teaching Faculty:

SRM University has ensured that the students get the best of education with modern teaching techniques and for this it has partnered with top-notch teaching professionals. Every faculty is specialized in their respective fields which include geotechnical, environmental, structural, transportation, water resources, construction engineering, remote sensing and GIS and management.

The experienced faculty is a very capable lot and are academicians of the highest calibre. Their contribution to society is notable as they present papers at international and national level conferences and seminars. Many of the faculty have also published books in their respective fields of expertise.

Students can also make use of the well-equipped laboratories that are an integral part of the SRM University campus. Various soil testing methods and environmental experiments are conducted with the help of the civil engineering faculty.

Students who secured the Engineering degree from the SRM University make notable contributions to the society and the university continues to assist the corporate world by creating fresh new talent.

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