Boundless internet access There is no charge to access online activities and many pseudonyms do not show their true self Causing unwanted behavior in the physical appear on the internet And because the internet area has no borders.Access can cause problems of inability to arrest actions The offense occurred on the road.nternet Requires control and surveillance of those unwanted behavior on the road

"Online gambling" is a form of internet use that is inappropriate and has a trend that will grow and become more popular Due to borderless and not reveal the anonymity of users that are unique to the internet Conducive to gambling online is more convenient to access than before.The expansion of online gambling Causing alertness in many areas including many countries have reviewed and studied legal measures that can be used. Used in controlOnline gambling Both to solve immediate problems and friends Will be used to control online gambling in the future

In which Thailand is one of the countries which has a movement to seek legal measuresto support the current online gambling phenomenon, with legal measures that Thailand has adopted

Deal with online gambling and other types of gambling that the gambling law does not stipulate, which is considered. Amending the law to be appropriate and up to date to support the problems and changes that will

Online gambling is gambling through the internet. In which online gambling is cheap developed from playing in a casino With various online gambling games for players to choose to use.There are many such as casino games, online football betting, online lottery and other games directly broadcast live.From casinos That allows players to feel like playing a real gambling game in a casino, as well as being safeAnd highly stable online gambling That players can play through the computer and

Mobile phone Just have internet Can say that it is extremely convenient by nature.Like online gambling Is to have a middle man or an agent to act as a facilitator.Between the gambling website and the gambler.How to gamble online Gambling online is a method that is not difficult and can be.

Apply for less than half an hour, which makes those who want to use the service immediately become a gambler with

Steps as follows

1) Those wishing to gamble must contact a middle man or call center to do

Opening an account and applying for membership with a gambling website In which the employees will Asking for information to be used as

Identification information By allowing those who wish to apply to prepare a name, account number that is convenient to transfer money into

And open a new account before application

2) Transfer the amount as you wish to apply By accessing the account number as.The Call Center staff has notified you that there will be a notification of the minimum amount. For the first account opening, for example1,000 baht etc.

3) The applicant will receive the name used for gambling and a password to be filled in Gambling websites from that point can use the service available to the limit.It can be seen that there are no complicated, easy and convenient steps to signing up for online gambling.Per user The target group of these online gambling websites are people aged 25-35 years old.Since it is someone who is accustomed to using the internet regularly

Laws Related To Online Gambling

There are 2 laws regarding online gambling.

The Gambling Act 2478 and the Act on Offenses.Computer 2017, each issue has Significant matters related to online gambling are as follows.3.1 Gambling Act B.E. 2478, the essence of the Gambling ActCan be divided into the following parts

1) Gambling Classification

By the Gambling Act 2478, gambling is divided into two account together is Account A and Account B. By gambling mentioned in Account A or games that look like Similarly, 'illegal' gambling is not allowed to allow or enter into play. Gambling that rovided in Account A. This can be done only when the government considers it appropriate and issues a royal decree to play.onlyas for gambling in account B. Or similar games that are considered gambling'Legal' is to be held with the permission of the Minister, the official or the owner. IssuerA license or a play that is subject to Ministerial Regulations without permission

The person with the authority to issue licenses under the Gambling Act B.E.2478 People with control over gambling under the Gambling Act can be divided into two groups together Namely those who have The authorization to allow gambling by.The Gambling Act B.E. 2478 and the person authorized to issue licenses such as the issuing official

Gambling License

Those who have the power to arrest violators or commit violations Illegal gamblingIncluding police officers

Permission to gamble Can be divided into 3 characteristics which are permission that the officer can issue a license by himself. Approval that the official must receive approval from the Director-General of the Department. Governing in the case of Bangkok Or the provincial governor in the case of other provinces besides.

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Boundless internet access There is no charge to access online activities