Residential Landlord and Tenant Certificate of Occupancy
HB 1862 was assigned the responsibility of an owner whose certificate of occupancy is revoked by a city or county for failure of owners to maintain the facilities. The owner is responsible for the full amount of security deposit the tenant, the proportionate share of the payments of rent paid in advance by the tenant, and the real damage that the tenant, which includes moving expenses, utility expenses connection, storage fees, lost wages and attorney fees.

Owners Associations (HOA and COA)

• Collections and Foreclosures
HB 1228 requires the adoption of certain POAs and provide a reasonable guide to allow owners to partial payment arrears. The law also regulates the foreclosure of liens for the evaluation and use of collection agents. Finally, the bill requires the Texas Supreme Court to adopt rules for expedited foreclosure proceedings.

• Flag
HB2779 prohibits a POA from adopting or enforcing restrictions on viewing the U.S., Texas, or flags of the armed forces, except as permitted by law (for example, reasonable restrictions on the flags, the flags flag poles. The lights and noise).

• Solar Panel
HB 362 prohibits a POA of the restriction of solar devices, except as permitted by the statue. The law also prohibits the denial POA Architectural Review Commission approval of a solar energy device unless the device substantially interferes with the use and enjoyment of the land.

Ad valorem taxes-Protests
HB 1887 provides that before the crime, an owner who is opposed to the valuation of your property only has to pay the amount of tax attributable to the portion of the appraised value does not conflict in order to preserve their right to assessment the amount fixed by the Board of Assessment Review Board (ARB).

Ad valorem taxes-ARB Hearing
SB 1546 amends Article 41 of the Tax Code. 45 (the), indicating that a property owner'sagent presents a review of the appraisals (ARB) hearing is now entitled to a new audience in the same way that an owner who fails to appear at the hearing.

Co-owners of the houses
SB 1368 allows certain co-owners of the property to file an affidavit with the county clerk's office to establish the authority to act as agent for the other co-owner to enter liens, materialman, and writing assessment confidence.

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