How many laws of success are there? Which one is the secret law of success? Do you really think the laws of success can be concealed when we can reach any kind of information? There is no secret law of success. The secret laws of success are the things you overlook.

If you read some articles about that topic, that means you know all the laws. The name of the laws can be different or more sophisticated, but the fundamentals are the same for everyone. So, why some people have all the success but you run in circles? This is not because you do not know the laws of success or there is a secret law of success which is concealed. You are the lock of your own success. You keep some secrets from yourself and bury them deep inside your subconscious mind.

Goal Setting Theory: What is the missing piece of your Goal Setting Steps

Goal setting theory involves establishing specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-targeted (S.M.A.R.T) goals. I guess your goals have all these properties. So, what do you think is wrong with your goal setting steps?

A Goal Coming from a desire, is an unstoppable power.

If you still could not achieve your goals maybe desire is the missing piece of your goal setting steps.This can be the secret of Laws of Success.

Unfortunately a small group of people is able to unlock this unstoppable power and set goals coming from desires. The key of this power is simple and obvious. It is not a secret, you are holding the key but you cannot use it. It is the beginning of laws of success.

Free-Will is The Key

We all think that we are free to decide. We can decide our jobs, homes, spouse but when it comes to goal setting steps, we get stuck at the beginning. Although we consider, we are free to decide, why some of us still fail to succeed?

Why is Free-Will so Important?

Free-will is the switch of a brain to take action. If you can turn on the switch, you are lucky. Otherwise, no matter how hard you work or what you do, you cannot take critical action to succeed. You feel like frozen and watch the opportunities passing by. You cannot reach out and get your success.
Free-will is the switch of readiness potential of the brain. Before we take action consciously, the brain gets ready for the action. Otherwise it will not send the signals for the proper action which you need to succeed.

Desires and Goal Setting Steps

Desires are coming from deep inside your mind. When you visualize them, your mind starts to go like a race car. You can feel the power, energy, joy, excitement and happiness chasing one another. You do not need motivation to go for it. You are always motivated for your desires.

Goal Setting Steps: Realistic

What could happen if your desire is your goal? Nothing can stop you. You can always have time and energy to achieve your goal, even if it is the busiest day of your life. It is your desire! Why you cannot shift your goals with your desires?

Here comes the boundaries. Generally, we are not aware of what is holding us back from our desires. We accept desires like dreams. When it comes to reality:

  • We have to work hard. We do not have time for visualizing.
  • We have responsibilities so we should follow reality.
  • We also have boundaries in our subconscious mind. Worries, failures, guilt and DOUBT.
  • Especially, when you doubt, the switch will be turned off. Doubts poison your belief so none of the laws of success can help you.

How to Clear These Boundaries

You do not have to give up everything to follow your desires if you are afraid of the change and uncertainty.

  • Take baby steps. Use the little opportunities and see what happens.
  • Little steps will create little miracles. Use these miracles to convince your subconscious about your desires. They are not dreams, they can become real.
  • As your doubts start to fade away, take bigger steps.
  • Accept every little success and use them to become more powerful.
  • Keep on untill you believe in free-will and you turn on the switch in your brain forever.

You are free to decide about your goals.

Ready? Go!

You are fully loaded with motivation, inspiration, energy, commitment and your goal is your desire. Nothing can stop you now from achieving your goal.

Setting goals from your desires are of the most important Laws Of Success.

Author's Bio: 

Nil Celen is an independent researcher about Mind Power, Laws of Success, Decision Making Steps and Goal Setting Theory from scientific resources.

Researches from Worldwide universities on neuroscience, psychology and much more topics give evidence about how to improve Mind Power, Decision Making, Goal Setting and Success. You are always welcome to Laws of Success to learn more and share your ideas.