Dealing with change is not avoidable during success journey. All laws of success contains a piece of various changes so that you cannot reject dealing with change. Success is a journey that has obstacles and surprises along the way, that you have to deal with, like all the other journeys you have made. You can decide either to move on or turn back. If you turn back, you will realise that nothing is where you left so, you still need to know dealing with change. Laws of success are the little pieces of the whole change.

As all laws of success contain a piece of change, dealing with change is inevitable, so you should pack your bag with the necessary things before you start the journey to success. Before anything else you should learn some more about change.

Characteristics of Change

1. Change is the nature of existence : Look at the big picture, can you name one thing that did not change and stands still. Despite everything about you is changing, sometimes you cannot notice the change. This is why personal changes generally develop slowly and you get used to that change before you notice it consciously.

2. Change is inevitable : Life never stands still and neither troubles nor joy lasts for ever. If you cannot protect your life at the optimum level, dealing with change is better to get the best out of changes. The clouds will turn into sunny days eventually.

3. Change brings challenges: Every step of life brings challenge but you prefer to take your steps inside the comfort zone to decrease the strength of challenge. Remember, once your comfort zone was not that comfortable at all, you get used to it, and you can also do it with different circumstances. Dealing with challenges is not different from dealing with change. The only difference is change includes more than one challenge.

4. Change is continuous : Transition period is the worst part of change. When life throws you around, keep your focus on your goals untill the sun begins to show its face.

5. Change brings discomfort whether it is good or bad :
Complaining is can be a way of dealing with change but not the best.Complaining keeps your mind stick to what is gone and waste all its energy to find out the ways to go back. Despite complaining about the new circumstances and for the good old days, you should spend that time and energy planning for success. Feeling blue connects you to familiarity. Maintaining a positive attitude will open you to what is novel and different opportunities.

6. Change is uncertain : Familiarity signals safety but uncertainty is something you avoid. You cannot control what you do not know. Change has both positive and negative affects. Dealing with change produces stress but also provides opportunities. Change can be an opportunity rather than a problem.

Dealing with Change

Change needs to be consciously managed to become positive. The better you are to adapt to change, the more successful you will be at the end.

1. In some circumstances you may need to consider using the driving forces of change rather than resisting to change. If you resist to change, you will also resist to opportunities.

2. You should take control of your mind to overcome self sabotage. Clearing the worries, doubts and self punishment out of your mind is a better way of dealing with change than letting all the internal chatter.

3. Do not become the victim of your attitude. Change is everywhere and you cannot block it but you can change its path for your own sake.

4. How to predict future emotions and benefit from them as a driving force, depends on your mindset. The more optimistic you are, the less likely you are to be influenced by negative information about the future.

5. Transition Period : Never underestimate the long-term impact of positive activities. Practice what you like to do especially when you are busy with dealing with change and no time for anything. Positive Activities will lower down your stress level and empower you to deal with change.

6. Asking for help from a supportive listener whether a friend or a professional can be useful to overcome negative feelings about change but keeping feelings inside can also be a choice. Laws of success are flexible about social support. Either way you can cope with change. You can choose to talk or resiliency.

7. Writing down your worries is one of the laws of success. Explaining your emotions on a paper will ease your thoughts and clear out some space for success.

8. Courage to face obstacles. You cannot predict what you will discover when you turn the obstacles. Be confident to challenge yourself to discover the opportunities that you can use to your advantage. Courage and self confidence are essential laws of success.

9. Change is an opportunity to force your mind to become creative. Creativity comes from obstacles so if you can use them, you can get closer to your goals. Success requires creative thoughts as ordinary people live ordinary lives. Dealing with change is an opportunity to be creative.

All Laws of Success includes little or more changes so you should know dealing with change if you really want to achieve your goals.

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