Everything is going on along perfectly fine and then that thought creeps into your mind: "What if something happens so that everything isn't as good?" Then your worry-mind takes over and decides that it is going to give you a full account of the worst case scenarios for any and everything.

There are times when you can get it to stop but there are other times when it is as if the mind wants you to only think about what 'could' happen in a negative way. What can you do about this all consuming pastime?

Everyone at some time or other worries about their life and others lives. Can this habit be stopped and what is the purpose of worrying? Worrying can bring about some good results. Sometimes in searching for answers we find it and it can actually cause us to bring solutions to the table. But it is when worry goes nowhere and we habitually let it take over is when it becomes a problem.

Remember that your worries are not truths. They are lies. A worry doesn't mean it is going to happen. We worry in hopes of anticipating what could happen so that we can protect ourselves when that negative experience is staring us in the face. But do you realize that by focusing on the negative over and over, it causes the Law of Attraction to spring into action (it's always in action) and bring to you what you focus on? Anticipating the worst builds a vibration of energy within you that signals the Universe you want more of that. Do you really want more worry and grief?

Instead of anticipating the worst, can you assume the best? Instead of taking a situation and playing it all the way to the end with a worst case scenario you can instead choose to play it out as a best case scenario. That best case scenario can happen just as easily as the worst case, and the best case vibration will bring you answers in the form of the best for all concerned.

This technique will help you to guide your logical mind to seeing positive options. By replacing the positive with the negative you will begin to change your way of thinking and your own life. Any time you try to get rid of a negative mental habit you must replace it with something. And replacing it with something positive will ensure a more positive life. By saying, "I'm not going to worry any more," without putting anything in its place, will cause the logical mind to go back to what it is comfortable with.

Another technique is to find one spot that you can worry in.

What you are doing is retraining your mind that you are the one in control here. You get to tell it when it can worry. Don't cut it off from worrying because that only brings up more struggles within your mind. Just decide on a place where you can worry and give yourself ten minutes there to express all the worry you need. But once the ten minutes is up, no more worrying.

If a worry appears in your mind tell yourself, "Not now. Only in our worry spot," and then keep on going about your day. Gently bring the mind back to where you want it to be. Offer it distractions if too much time is spent on worrying. Take a walk, read a book, find something that you enjoy and shift your focus. This can interrupt the worry cycle and, again, you are retraining your mind to focus on the more productive, positive things in life.

Do you believe in the Universe and do you trust that no matter what, the Universe is taking care of you? When you are able to realize this, and know that no matter what you experience, that in the end it is all well and good, you will never be disappointed because there is a higher power that is making sure all is well. Worry can then be set aside.

Envision how you want your life to be and then let the Universe take care of you, knowing and expecting that it will. These are just a few things that can curb the worry habit. By making an effort to change a few thoughts you can have the life that you ask for without excessive worry.

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