The Law of Attraction states that we become what we think about most. This means if we can control what we think about, we can choose the type of people, event, and experiences we attract into our lives.

You can be thinking many thoughts randomly each day. So how can you control your thoughts and only focus on those which can bring you more good experiences?

Bob Proctor discloses three powerful techniques that you can use.

(1) Observe the feelings that are attached to your thoughts

Feelings or emotions can be classified into positive or negative. The former makes you feel good and is an indication that your thought is in alignment of your sub conscious. Examples of positive emotion is happy, excited, love, peace.

On the other hand, negative emotions make you feel bad and indicate you are not in alignment with your sub conscious.

Feelings are your powerful guidance system. When you feel unappreciated with your job, these are signs from the universe that you need to change your direction immediately.

It is important to take note that changing direction does not mean you must change your job. Instead, the real meaning is you should not ignore your feelings and should do something (example talk to your boss) to fix the problem.

If you are currently unhappy in your job and have denied your feelings, I recommended that you acknowledged your unhappiness and asked yourself what you can do about the situation. You have the right to feel happy in a job.

(2) Gratitude

You know you should always feel good. How do you always have something good to think about?
One secret is to express gratitude for your current reality.

Gratitude is simply an attitude for being grateful for what you already have.

Most people tend to complain about their current reality. They may complain about

(a) Missing the promotion in their job.

(b) Staying in a small house

(c ) Driving the small car

What these people fail to understand is when they think and feel negatively about their current reality, they are sending a magnetic waves to the universe that they want more of such things.

Conversely, even if you only have a 15 inch television at home wheres other people have 32 inch television, you can still be thankful that you have a television at home. Somewhere out here in this universe, there are still people who do not enjoy the convenience of a television at home.

When you start listing down the things you are thankful for, you will be surprised that you really have so much things to be thankful for.

You should express your gratitude at least once a day. You can do that when you are commuting to work, first thing you wake up in the morning, or last thing before you sleep.

When you express gratitude, you put yourself in a frame of mind of happiness. The key here is you are focusing on what you have and the energy you send out is you have a lot.

The universe will respond to your energy and gives you even more.

(3) Divert Negative Energy

Bad things do happen in our life. Such things may be major illness, retrenchment, relationship break-off etc.

When such things strike in your life, how can you stop having negative feelings.

What you can do is you should re-divert your negative energy into something positive.

For example, if you lose money in a business and are feeling very negative about it, you can shift the energy just by deciding how much money you want to earn back. The thought immediately shifts your energy from "I lost money" to "How can I make more money".

Now that you know how to control your thoughts, you are on your way to think and grow rich.

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