Have you been trying to work with the law of attraction in your life, and it’s just not working? Are you wondering what is wrong with your thinking that you can’t do it? What is wrong with you, don’t you deserve to be happy like they say? Do you even get to the point where you feel good one day, then down in the dumps others and you wonder if you are bi polar? If so, relax, you are not alone, and you are not bi polar.

There are many people working with the law of attraction and there are just as many trying to teach you how to do it, or saying they have just the right technique for you to be able to master it. Let me just say that the techniques are great, but in the end all you need is your focused intentions.

I am speaking from experience here, I have felt all of these feelings, and thought all of these thoughts. What I have found out, is that we are here having a human experience, and we like to complicate everything, we like to get caught up in our thoughts and all the drama in life. This is where we fail at the law of attraction. Myself included. This is what I have learned.

It is very important to take control of my thoughts as soon as I wake up, I want to start positive so I can attract more positive. I heard it said, and I’m not sure who said it but it is brilliant, stay positive until 10 am and the rest of the day will look after itself. It’s true. Positive affirmations may sound silly, but they are very powerful in attracting good to you. I start every day off with an affirmation, I even take it one step further and add a vision to that affirmation. For example if I were trying to manifest money, I would say, I say yes to all the new opportunities that come my way today to generate income. I will then envision myself with money floating all around me, and just stay with that as long as I can. The trick is to bring all of these thoughts and visions into your heart and feel that energy.

The next step is to go about your day, staying in tune with what you want, and keeping your energy and vibrational level high. In other words, stay with the heart energy, do things from the heart, listen to the heart. When things start to show up that are not in alignment with what you want........in other words the exact opposite of what you want.......simply say thank you and don’t give it any other energy. When we put thought into why did this show up, or I don’t want that, what we are doing is giving it energy, anything we give energy to will grow. Meaning you will attract more of it. Perhaps it is showing up to let you recognize it and say no, I want this, specifically. The law of attraction is very specific in fact its exact. Look at what showed up and look at exactly what you asked for and exactly where your thoughts have been.

This is the frustrating part, this is where people give up, this is where people begin to think they just can’t do it or just aren’t deserving enough. One of the laws states that we are willing to sacrifice for what we want, that includes our thoughts. That includes constantly looking for “the good “to show up. That also includes giving up anything that blocks us from having what we want such as limiting beliefs or even physical things we have that we are holding onto. We need to release the old in order to make room for the new. So when the old keeps showing up, just say no, that’s not what I want.

I have been trying to manifest a new car, which requires money. My old car was continually breaking down costing me money I wanted to be saving to get a new one. I was always asking how can I save money for a car, when I am always putting it out for repairs. Then I got a brain wave thought, I had to give up the old in order to make room for the new. The brakes went on the car last week, and without any resentment or anger I simply took it off the road, and said you are done. I became grateful for what the car had done for me over the years. I was grateful for learning this value able lesson. I was grateful that I was healthy enough to walk until the said new car shows up. I started to realize how lucky I was. I also was finally able to really start dreaming about the new car I wanted. Prior to this, it was a passing fancy, but now it’s real, I can feel myself driving it, I can feel how comfortable and safe I feel in it. That is real manifesting thoughts.

What my problem was that I was too caught up in the past, with what I already had, that was making me unhappy. With that I could not focus my thoughts on what I wanted.

You see even if we think we are doing a great job with our thoughts and energy we always have work to do. In fact this is often the only work we have to do in order to receive what it is we have asked for. The journey is about preparing ourselves to receive, about learning what is blocking us and removing those blocks. That is work enough in itself.

Next time you see something show up that is opposite of what you want, don’t get down, don’t get negative and don’t beat yourself up about it. Simply recognize it, and move on. Train your eye to look only for the good, and to be very grateful for what is in your life. Make a list each day of what your grateful for. There are so many positive things you can do to keep your energy high even when things are not working. Keep a list of things you can try, this way when you are having an off day, rather than staying in your head you can try something that works.

Here are a few ideas,
Light a candle, allow spirit in to help you.
Go for a walk in nature.
Listen to music
Dance, move your body, it shifts energy
Cry if you want to
Write out how you are feeling then throw it out.
Positive affirmations.

These all help to stay out of the mind and stop us from becoming attached to our thoughts. Meditation works wonders to move us back into the heart and out of the head.

The worst thing we can do is give up, beat ourselves up, or give thought to why things are not showing up. With persistence and vigilant watch over our thoughts and emotions, we will bring to us that which we want. It starts out small almost as if wanting us to recognize it and say yes, more please. See the small things, and celebrate them, be peacefully thankful for them and they will grow. We all have the same manifesting abilities, we all deserve to have our desires met, we are all capable of doing this, just keep doing it, it gets better, in fact make a game of it.

Author's Bio: 

Jenn Prothero is a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner, a Reiki Practitioner, Intuitive Life Coach, Author, Teacher and Radio Personality.

She enjoys assisting people on the path to healing their life and living their dreams. Services are offered either in person, or via phone/email.

New author of Fairies Teach Forgiveness a children's book


Jenn is also available at www.sjlightworkers.com you can listen live on souls journey radio each Tuesday evening for discussion on spiritual topics and techniques.