I think the Law of Attraction is very simple, but effective natural's law. I believe in...

How can you use this power of law?

Dream it! Plan it! Visualize! Be positive! Ask and receive! Learn about the Life! Learn about the Natural Laws!

Yesterday, I was on the Joe Vitale and Natalie Ledwell's WebCast.
It was fantastic and motivational.

I learn a lot...

I learned Law of Attraction Practitioner course from Joe and Steve G jones, but I needed any information, when I will can use my practitoner's work.
Joe said the positive affirmations.
Which is the good affirmations?
-very simple
-present tense

Present tense is important thing!

Would you like more money, more clients?
Imagine at, and use Your Affirmation!
Have you affirmation?
Write it!

If you have affirmations, choose one!
This affirmation be your Mantra!

J. Paul Getty (December 15th 1896 – June 6th 1976) was born
in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His father George Getty had a
petroleum business, thus he spent his summers between his
studies working at the oil fields.

At the mere age of 20 (in 1916), J. Paul Getty made his first
million running his own Tulsa oil company, and then later
founded the Getty Oil company.

He was one of the first few people in the world to reach an
estimated fortune of over 1 U.S. billion dollars at that
time. In 1957, he was even named the richest living American
in Fortune magazine.

What was the secret of Paul Getty?
He used his mantra...

( This VideoCast will only be
available until Feb 3rd and then it will be taken
down, so make sure you [click here and watch
it right away!]
http://www.mindmovies.com/mm4/joinvideocast?27166 )

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Theresia Valoczy, Hypnotherapist, Coach, Author

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