Do you know what your money vibe is? Here's the absolutely easiest way to tell what your vibrational equivalent to money is. Take a look at your bank account. What's your present life experience with money? Your bank account will tell you every time.

What you're presently experiencing is a snapshot of what you've been holding in your energy field. The good news is that can change instantly once you clear out the old habits of thought that have kept your stinking thinking stuck. The Law of Attraction is a powerful tool for positive manifestation for your life.

Reason #1 Anxiety

Whether it's every day anxiety or anxiety specific to the issues of not enough money, anxiety is like holding up a big red STOP SIGN to the Universe. The Universe is non-judgmental and simply matches back to you more things to be anxious about. So whether you're worried about money, or something else, do whatever it takes to soothe your anxiety. And I'm not recommending you go unconscious about it. Just notice what you're thinking and pivot those thoughts toward thoughts of appreciation for all the gifts in your life right now.

Reason #2 Complaints

Do you find yourself annoyed at the slow restaurant service, aggravated at a mindless driver, or grouchy over your teenager's messy room? Even though these complaints are not about money, the energy sends out more for the Universe to mirror back to you. Complaints and criticism immediately close the heart chakra down. The energy of the heart is 5000 times stronger than that of the brain. Keep your heart clear. Practice release and forgiveness often to keep your receiving heart open. You can attract wonderful Law of Attraction Relationships when you release yourself from fear and bondage.

Reason #3 Arguing For your Limitations

Justifications are just excuses you believe are true. Why continue to call things the way they are if you don't like it the way they are? Try telling a new story. Tell it like you want it to be, rather than how it is? "But isn't that just wishful thinking?" It may be wishful thinking, but it's not JUST wishful thinking, it's creative thinking. Your only job it to engage the emotional state of what that 'wish' will feel like when it's actually here. Yeah but ...

The economy is lousy and I can't get ahead.
I've always struggled with money.
I have lots of debt.
I struggle to make ends meet.
You can't trust people with lots of money.

In any down economy more people have made multi-millions than ever.
The rest are just plain poor excuses. Get hold of those thoughts that run in the background and put a muzzle on them. Choose more empowering thoughts. The more you practice empowering thoughts, the more you'll choose actions that line up with wealth producing activities. Using the Law of Attraction is hugely powerful for Relationship Attraction, and is not hard to understand.

To keep all good things flowing to you make it your life long practice to enjoy and appreciate as much as you can - as often as possible.

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