Recently I got an email from one of my subscribers. He asks ...
I'm trying to manifest my desires but fear and anxiety keep creeping in. And then there are a lifetime of bad habits, lack conditioning, low self esteem and the tendency to focus on my previous disappointments. What can I do?

First off, I highly commend this person for asking this question. Number one, he acknowledges that these are his active thoughts and feelings. Many people I know doing this work, especially the so called 'spiritual' ones, deny that they have any of this active in their vibration. It wouldn't be spiritual after all. Please! The Law of Attraction is a powerful tool for positive manifestation in your life.

It's key to know what's going off in your thinking and own it. The fact that you think and feel this way indicates that it is active in your vibration. You will continue to attract situations that mirror back to you reasons to feel anxious and disappointed.

Einstein said: No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. He was talking about releasing into the a higher order of functioning. For me that means releasing into Universal Love and Abundance, or the Divine organizing power of Source. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could just flip a switch and Let go and let God, as they say? Easier said than done most of the time for most of us. But you can begin by committing to a daily practice of looking for things to be grateful for. Look for the love and kindness in your life as it is right now. That is a huge and immediate vibration raiser. Empowering yourself with the Law of Attraction is hugely powerful for Relationship Attraction, and it's not hard to understand.

If you can do your best to make peace with where you are you will immediately be releasing resistance to your desires. Don't worry that making peace with your current circumstances will bring more of it to you. It won't. But you will be doing the very important step of releasing resistance. You see, constant attention on your circumstances is causing you to attract more of that same stuff. So easing up a bit and finding things to appreciate will soften your vibration. You can't have your attention on something and exclude it from your vibration.

After you've clarified what you want to attract into your life, the next step is to find out what thoughts and feelings you actually have around the likelihood of your manifesting what you want. Is worthiness an issue? Is your track record and the past getting your attention? I recommend journaling what's active in your beliefs and then writing statements that soften little by little until you can imagine what's it's like already be experiencing what you want as if it's your present life experience.

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