The law of attraction is constantly working in all areas of your life. There is no switch off button. So, it makes perfect sense to me to make sure that you create a law of attraction lifestyle where you’re naturally using the power that is the law of attraction in your daily life.

Most people do however have a kind of default switch set to ‘on’ where they are mindlessly using the law of attraction. When this happens we randomly attract things into our life, often things we really don’t want.

The aim of this post is to help you deliberately use the law of attraction in your own life on a daily basis.

Pay attention to your feelings

The law of attraction is hugely driven by your feelings, so this is something to really pay attention to. Ask yourself “How am I feeling right now?” and “How can I improve the way I feel?”

Let’s say that you have a business meeting planned today and you feel really stressed about it and you’re worried about the outcome, you are actively feeding negative energy to this situation. Instead, if you can improve the way you feel and focus on a positive outcome then you are adding positive energy to that situation.

A great way to start your day is to run through each stage of your day and ask yourself “How do I want to feel?”

This may look something like this…

I have a lovely start to the day with my family - I feel calm and relaxed.
My journey to my meeting is enjoyable - I feel calm and confident
My business meeting goes really well - I feel empowered, confident and have positive expectations for the outcome
I meet up for a lovely lunch with my friend - I feel so happy and loved

Continue through the rest of the day.

Give your thoughts a helping hand

It’s so easy to spend the day with limiting thoughts filling our mind and once it starts, it can quickly spiral so that all of your thoughts are limiting you or making you a match for attracting things you don’t want. Mike Dooley from the hit movie The Secret, famously said: “Thoughts become things.” With that in mind, we really want to keep our thoughts as positive as possible throughout the day.

One way to help you keep your thoughts positive is by using affirmations. These are positive, usually present tense statements such as…

I am calm and confident
I am worthy
I am a great driver
I’m a wonderful mum
I’m organized
I easily achieve my goals
My income is constantly increasing
All is well in my world

The possibilities are endless. Just create a statement that supports what you want.
Fill your mind with these positive affirmations throughout the day.

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Visualize your day ahead of time

I personally like to spend time at the end of each day visualizing the next day exactly as I want it. I tend to keep a strong focus on feelings rather than exact outcomes as this allows the Universe to work its magic in ways we may not be able to imagine.

Create a habit of gratitude

Gratitude is your very own superpower emotion. When we focus on gratitude we become more and more of a match for the things we want to attract into our life. Actively look for opportunities to be grateful in your day to day life.

For example, when you have a nice interaction with someone, acknowledge it and be grateful for it. When something goes the way you like, be grateful, if someone says something nice to you, be grateful, if you achieve something, be grateful…

This is like saying to the Universe, Yes, I like this, more, please. You do have to let the Universe know what it’s getting things right for you.

What happens when things show up that you don’t want?

When things show up in your life that you don’t want, use this as an opportunity to gain clarity about what you do want. Use this power question “If I don’t want this, what do I want?”

Instead of complaining about things you don’t want, focus your attention on what you do want. Remember, you do need to communicate with the Universe.

Daily EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques

I encourage you to practice some EFT daily to improve your energy flow (release any energy blocks) as this will help you to release resistance, limiting beliefs and help you to improve the way you feel making you more and more of a match for attracting what you want.

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Try saying your favourite affirmations whilst tapping on the EFT points. This is incredibly powerful.

Creating your law of attraction lifestyle

So many people focus on those big dream things such as their dream home, a brand new car, being a millionaire, a luxury holiday… Now, all of those things are fantastic but what I’d like you to remember is that when you also focus on using the law of attraction in your day to day life, you do create that law of attraction lifestyle. When you are manifesting the small everyday things you want, you are far more open to allowing the bigger “Dream Life” things too.

Happy Manifesting.

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