Law of attraction is known as universal law. It has high impact on every existed part of your life, especially, your love. If you find any hurdles in your relationship then you should not give up the hope of success. Although, many people feel scared, cursed, and even mistreated, if they got a series of damaged partnerships. It is possible that you may not get a real life partner of your choice to live happily your desired life. However, you can get a true love and desired relationship to live according to your dreams. You can get guidance in this field to unveil the secrets of law of attractions.

1. Don’t fear of loneliness: many people preoccupy about getting a right partner of their choice because they afraid of getting old alone. Fear is a type of creative thought same like the other thoughts, but you won’t accept what it produce for you. Being alone is part of embracement than the fear. You should not disallow the law of attraction and its manifestations by fearing it. Potential lovers could be scared by your perceptible neediness. You must have a pure desire for a better relationship than the desperate longing based on the fear of luck.

2. Be happy to start a happy relationship. You are wrong, if you think that you will be happy only when you find a real love of your life, because Happiness magnetizes happiness, so you should do anything to feel happy before getting into new relationship. It is not the duty of others to make your life full of happiness. In fact, every relationship suffers massively when both partners are not happy even with themselves.

3. Tame your every expectation. Disappointment always exist there, where people have many expectations in their mind about their life partners, like how they will sit, they should talk about your favorite topics, and other lots of things firmly settled in their mind. To life a successful life along your partner, you should think that you are going to give her rather than you expect from her. Unless you get the full spiritual mastery and high enlightenment, you are still an object in progress. However, you got plenty of room for becoming the best entity for better relationship. This should be your focus of all time.

4. Try to know deeply about the person before going to date. Mostly, the unhappy relationships stem from the failure of understanding and awareness about each other during the dating. You should be attentive while dating to observe her attitude towards other rather than her behavior with you. It is possible that you could find a person, who is caring with you, but very harsh to his parents, lie to his employers, or shirk his responsibilities for the children. After all, whatever a person does and thinks represent the reflection of his real life.

5. Renew your thinking: if you select any changed outlook and propose thoughts of gratefulness, the law of attractions can present you many motivations to appreciate. You should think “she is doing so hard to cope the work and family together”, instead of “she waste much time in office and less at home.”

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Jill Magso is a member of the Silva Team and contributes to spreading enlightened ideas and sharing teachings about meditation practices. The Silva Method encompasses a variety of powerful exercises that take you deep into Alpha and Theta levels of the mind so that you can work within your subconscious as well as your conscious mind.