If you aren't getting what you have been wanting for a long time, you probably have some outdated programs that were instilled in us from when we're kids and collective unconscious that runs in the background.

Your mind doesn't permit you to have your desires realized because of the older beliefs that were initially dominant in your mind as you were a child.

It's just like your computer. If you've got an old version of a word processing program installed and someone sends you a paper in the latest format. You can't open it in your outdated version because the programs simply don't match up. If you need the support of a Law of Attraction Coach, by all means get support! Having an unbiased listener to check in with will help you move off old patterns much more quickly.

You've tried positive thinking your way around many of these programs, however, you notice you arrive nowhere quickly, it's because of these programs. Brain researchers tell us that 95-99% of humans' neural activity is running from the subconscious level. We are left with a tiny percentage that operates within the conscious level of the mind.

Positive realization and positive affirmations are created from the conscious mind, which is a very small processing mechanism in relation to the subconscious mind. Positive affirmations on top that that kind of unconscious brain activity is similar to slapping butter-cream frosting on top of a mud cake. It does not work and you can't eat it. You can create your own Law of Attraction Love today and sky-rocket your level of positive energy!

Also, the subconscious activity of the brain is five-hundred thousand times faster than that of your conscious mind. When given the choice between what is conscious and what is in the subconscious, the latter is always going to win.

Obviously, clarifying your desire is important because you will see very quickly what thoughts that go through your mind functioning in a state counter to what you want when you attempt to create the amounts of wealth you desire to create. Using the Law of Attraction is hugely powerful for Relationships Attraction, and it's not hard to understand.

Clarifying what you want completely consciously and going into an area of knowing you can have it, that you deserve it, and emotionally feeling AS IF it is already on the path, puts you in the mode of being deliberate and intentional about your conscious thinking and desires. Now you are in the attraction mode. Quantum Physics is now telling us that the universe functions to the tune of an intention fulfilment engine. Does this sound outlandish to you? Maybe at first glance it might. If that's so, you could pose the question, “Why is it that I do not get much of what I desire? Even the persistent ideas that I have every day?”

Well, in actuality you DO. You get what you are putting out there, based in the subconscious expectations you have processing in the back of your mind.

Also, creating from the perspective of thought is simply one facet. Thought without the emotional significance of expectation has little power. That transmits an extremely weak signal to the Universe. Researchers say that the heart's energetic and magnetic field is five thousand times more powerful than that of the brain.

Get your emotions working for yourself by engaging them when you fantasize about the wealth you want. To become magnetic to the wealth you desire, you need to engage your heart, and your emotions.

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