While the "Man" may be ever-present in our daily lives, the evidence that our world is changing for the better is compelling. Never before has such an outcry for equality and openness among such diverse communities in the world. While many are screaming doom and gloom, others are looking beyond the conflict of today and seeing a tomorrow brighter than ever before. While an equal world of conscious creators is a nice idea, the prospect of such seems grim.

When something is sick, often there is a time of violent disorder that may cause that thing to become more sick, but in the end more strife was necessary. Those who value order and organization view conflict as an "evil" of society that must always be avoided. Chaos is not a good or bad thing, but it is a necessary thing, a "necessary evil." Reality is not meant to be categorized into neat black and white sections pitted against each other; that's just too simple, and yet exactly how most people want it. If you aren't supposed to judge change and chaos as bad, then what are you supposed to think when shit hits the fan?

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Evolution in any sense requires on a fundamental level a huge amount of chaos. The only way something can change is for some kind of breaking down; the bigger the system, the more breaking down that needs to happen. If you could look at evolution impersonally, as a biologist would study an ecosystem, chaos would be easily identified as the main ingredient for positive change. If you look at nature, it becomes clear that evolution is one big mess, with no emotion in its cold gears. It doesn't choose or want, it just does.

The bigger and more rigid the system, and the more broken it is, the more chaos ensues once its inevitable breakdown occurs. This is undoubtedly going to be unpleasant if you are anywhere close to this system.

The Law of Attraction, which manages all energy and relationships to that energy, states what you put your focus on will expand in your experience. Our minds are always attracting our experiences, and not just the thoughts that you hear. Humans naturally focus on the problem instead of what would solve our problem.

When you place your attention on the solution of your problem without fear or doubt, the outcome of your circumstances, then that solution will more readily come to pass. It really is that easy, but our minds are all too often placing negative emotions over our hopeful notions..

When you notice a system breaking down, personal or otherwise, pay close attention to how you feel about it. What fantasies or solutions to that problem come to mind? How do you feel about those solutions?

Evolving doesn't happen without some destruction and chaos. Solution-oriented problem solving and the energy of the universal Law of Attraction speed evolution in the direction of benefits and gains for all.

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