What's the most efficient method to manifest wealth when I do not have enough? How do I become aligned with my desires for enough money when I do not make the money I need presently?

What do I do to get an increased amount of money to manifest when I get anxious and even sometimes hopeless about money ever being manifested?

You could be thinking "I realize that I'm out of alignment with my desires. And I know that I cannot manifest more money when I have my attention on what I do not want.However, dealing with my limiting thoughts and emotions are like reigning in wild horses."

What is the answer?

The answer is asking yourself some serious questions related to your vibration and beliefs you feel about money. What do you believe when it comes to money? What were you taught about money? How about people who have large amounts of wealth? What beliefs do you have about what it takes to receive money?

A lot of nice people have found themselves in deep water with respect to lack of wealth and debt. A lot of good people have lost jobs, lost their homes, and have put themselves into what feels like heaping debt. The first thing a lot of people do is react, point fingers and feel shame. The next thing they do is go to fear, anxiety, stress and proceed to feel more blame and shame. According to the Law of Attraction, your thoughts are just going to mirror back to us more opportunities for us to be stressed, shameful and annoyed.

The only one who judges you is you. The Universe appreciates you and does not look at you with blame or shamefulness.

The best way I can imagine to shift your thinking related to such a loaded idea as money is to find out what the resisting energy is to begin with. Jot it down in a journal if you so desire. What were you taught from childhood and concerning your current situation?

The next step is to move your vibration up a little bit at a time. Let's make some bridging statements that will move your thoughts from where you are to where you desire to be. You can use Positive Affirmations Self Esteem to assist you in the process of shifting your energy!

- It sure feels gross to be so anxious concerning money.

- I suppose I was really taught to be cautious and careful with the money I make. Like there is not enough.

- I have inherited a belief that doesn't serve me.

- No wonder it's hard for me to acquire money and long-standing financial freedom.

- It is not what I want to think. But here I am with a thought that's not my own and these thoughts are inhibiting my manifesting.

- I guess they were simply doing the best they could. They were taught about scarcity too.

- Now that I think about it, other parts of my life are working and that vibration comes easy to me.

- I have wonderful friends. My body functions really well. I manifest great information such as this article.

- Alright, so now I want to change something about my money vibe.

- I don't have to deal with it all right now.

- But I can ease up a bit and release the stress and anxiety just a small amount at this very moment.

- I do not have to pressure myself to change and immediately begin manifesting money.

- I can take it one step at a time.

- I feel good when I do not pressure myself.

- I feel better.

- I can take a deep breath (breathe) and relax just a bit concerning wealth.

- I know that the moment I take it easy, creative ideas flow. Ideas about how to make more money.

- How can I give advice or make my work even more valuable so I can solve other people's problems?

- People, employers, and companies pay when you can provide better solutions to their problems.

- What might I do to provide huge value so I can be compensated with more money?

- Money is all about an an exchange of energy after all.

- Universe send me a wonderful idea on how I can provide more value.

- Universe, how might I offer more value to my employer, or friends?

- I could also start to love what I have right now.

- I could be grateful for the companies (utilities, electricity, phone, landlord, etc.) that have all given me their trust.

- Wow. I am worthy of their trust.

- I am worthy of lots of wonderful things and experiences.

- It is natural for me to have wonderful things.

- It's natural for me to want more money.

- It is natural for me to come into alignment with my want for more wealth.

- I really feel like I'm in a much better point of attraction now.

- And everything I need to do is keep on moving my vibration whenever I feel 'less than' concerning anything, including wealth.

The only thing it takes to reign in your wild horses is to practice a little focused thought. If you'll practice these types of things every day, while trying to strive for better and better feeling thoughts, you will see the shifts and then new experiences coming in to help you let in more money. Happy vibe tweaking!

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