The Law of Attraction is like any other law of physics: it's still there even if you don't believe it's true or don't understand it. Although that's true, many people simply can't believe something unless they understand something on an intellectual level. You're much more likely to use Law of Attraction tools correctly when you actually believe in what you're doing. Wealth Attraction can help you in manifesting a situation you have always wanted.

You'll have a greater desire and ability to manifest your goals if you understand what is standing in your way. If you don't have the life you want, it's probably because of at least one of the following factors that inhibit manifestation.

Influence of Those Close to You

Remember when you were a kid and the new school year began and it was really important to you to have the latest trend in backpacks or shoes or jeans? Our brain's decision-making process is strongly influenced by our interactions with peers and the perceived reaction of peers as a result of a choice we make. You should think twice if you think you're immune to this conscientiousness. Our minds naturally gravitate towards that which is generally accepted or that which appears good to a lot of people. In fact, this trait stems from an instinct that helped humans survive: to be like others. This isn't really a problem unless your desire is in conflict with what friends and family have told you. Manifesting Law of Attraction Love are at your fingertips with the influence of the Law of Attraction.

Looking at Others' Lives with Envy

"How come she got the promotion? I'm twice as qualified."

"I'll never fall in love, I'm too ugly. Only beautiful people will ever find love."

"I missed out on the good life because I didn't go to college."

When you compare yourself with others, you're focusing on what you consider is the problem. The biggest delusion plaguing people today is the thought that you simply aren't good enough for a better life than the one you've got. You focus on what's not here, and how bad that makes you feel. By the Law of Attraction, you will only attract more of the same feelings that you have, so you will continue feeling sorry for yourself and the gap between you and what you want will only grow.

Weighing Your Progress to Critically

For example, you've gotten some help from a Law of Attraction Coach. You've been working hard to use the tools effectively and regularly. The thought comes into your head: "I wonder how long will it take before I start making more money? Is this really going to work for me? My coach seems to know what she's doing, but this is all so difficult."

Your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are similar to a tree's seed. Just plant the seed and take care of it with your sunshine (healthy thinking) and water it with appreciation.

I give my clients tools to empower themselves with the Law of Attraction. Pitfalls and traps don't need to sabotage your manifesting success. You have the capacity for true happiness. Happy manifesting!

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Nanette Geiger is a relationship coach and author of many books and articles focusing on Relationships, the Law of Attraction and Self-Mastery. More helpful resources and information at her site:

Nanette's new course, Breakthrough to Abundance Blueprint, uses Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, and the Law of Attraction to provide you with cutting-edge tools to evolve your mind.