Unmanaged energy can be a huge stepping stone for someone first learning that they can manifest their desires in reality. Consider that the Law of Attraction is always, continuously true, and is always acting on the desires and thoughts of all people. The energy of your mind (your thoughts) is always being interpreted by the Universe, which is always working to deliver those expectations back to you

Let's say you have a desire to get a better paying job. You want to be able to get to work quicker. Competent, flexible managers would be nice. Friendly coworkers and managers who treat you well is always a plus. And, you'd like to be a part of the policy-making team. Law of Attraction Affirmations are just one of the tools you can use to achieve manifestation.

It's good to be specific. Achieving this clarity of what you want is essential to moving towards self-actualization.

Talking down your desires by lowering your expectation of their fulfillment does not help you, it only mixes up your vibration. Here's a metaphor to explain a little better; your body is a horse-drawn cart, and your mind is the four horses pulling it. One horse is going straight ahead; that's your desire. One of them is stopped because it's content where it is in its life. One of the horses is stressing out about whether or not it's going to get hired, so it veers off in a different direction. Your thoughts are another horse, and this one stops and snorts angrily. The point is, you're not going to get anywhere with all that conflicting energy.

Since your intentions aren't in alignment with what you actually want, your energy is mismanaged and cluttered. The Universe is interpreting very mixed intentions, and your hopeful intention of your desire manifesting is weakened and drowned out by self-defeating affirmations that arise out of fear. Wealth Attraction helps you relieve yourself of financial worries by creating money for yourself! Attract your riches today, and don't feel bad doing it.

Managing your thoughts and your feelings about those thoughts is called energy management. This means being aware of what you're thinking and what emotions you're experiencing and being able to take control of them. It requires moving your energy from feeling not so good to feeling better. The concept might be easy to grasp, but the practice itself can be nerve-wracking (literally). Doing this is not an easy task, but it is rewarding. As you've noticed, many different things get our attention so it does take practice. Using a Law of Attraction Coach can help bolster your control of your mind and help you start manifesting your desires.

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