If I could show you a really easy way to become aligned with your desire, would you take it into practice?

As soon as you accept your life circumstances, PRECISELY as they appear with nothing needing to change for you to experience peace, then you're in the mode of allowance.

Everything you imagine you want, is so you will experience a feeling you hope will arrive once you get what you want.

You want money. What experience will that bring you?

You want prestige. What experience will that bring you?

You want real love. What changes will that bring you?

You want physical well-being. What emotions will that bring you?

Head right to the emotional response. When you do this you are in vibrational alignment with your wants. Stay in that place many times a day and you will be manifesting the things you want.

If you are griping about your life, how insufficient your career is, how you despise being single, how bad the economy is, you're rejecting bliss from coming into your life. If you need the support of a Law of Attraction Coach, by all means get support! Having an independent listener to check in with will help you move off old patterns much more quickly.

Your vibration does not need to be just resisting in the area of money to be resisting wealth. Resistance as a whole is resistance. If you complain often, if you criticize, find fault or judge ANYTHING you're resisting your desires. Start empowering yourself right now and experience Law of Attraction Love.

Make peace with your life precisely as it is at this moment. Learn appreciation and gratitude for as often as you can as many times a day as you can. Let go of the 'how' and 'when' it needs to appear. Do not micro-manage the Universe by telling it how it's going to happen. Your only job is to be in the flow of receiving what you desire by practicing feeling good and letting it in.

It is not your fault that you've learned to expect little, experience anxiety, or a critical nature. After all, did we not get taught, "the squeaky wheel gets the grease?" We all received these habitual patterns of thinking from our childhood. It isn't your fault, but it is on you to change those habits if you no longer desire to take what's given to you. Find out how to choose your thoughts and feelings with intention. Then you will be a deliberate creator instead of a victim of circumstances.

Nothing is wrong with desiring fulfillment in any and all areas of life. Pay attention to the internal dialogue you have about your self-worth, or the likelihood of your desires being fulfilled and just continue choosing a more empowering inner conversation. Life is supposed to be good and you are worthy. The power really is in your hands.

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Nanette Geiger is a relationship coach and author of many books and articles focusing on Relationships, the Law of Attraction and Self-Mastery. You can find more helpful articles on the Resource Page and books on the publications page of her website at http://www.NanetteGeiger.com.

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