There are numerous Universal Laws that are a part of the quantum soup that make up our lives here in our plane of existence. The Law of Attraction is probably the most well known of the laws. There is so much discussion about the Law of Attraction that sometimes we forget the other, very important laws, that play an integral part in our lives. These other Universal Laws, along with Law of Attraction, actually enable us to manifest our desires.

Let's start off with a description of Law of Attraction. This is probably the most powerful Universal Law. It acts like a boomerang. What thoughts and feelings you project out into the Universe, the same vibrational energy of that thought or feeling is brought back to you. We are all using the Law of Attraction in our daily lives; however some of us are not aware of it, or consciously utilizing it to our benefit. It's when we do focus on our thoughts and intentions in a deliberate manner in order to bring about a desired outcome; we are using The Law of Deliberate Intent and truly using Law of Attraction to our benefit. The Law of Deliberate Intent is being a deliberate creator as opposed to creating your life by default.

Other Universal laws include, but not limited to: The Law of Sufficiency and Abundance, The Law of Pure Potentiality, The Law of Detachment, and the Law of Gratitude and Appreciation.

The next law is probably the most challenging of all the Universal Laws, one that gets the most rise out of people. It is the Law of Allowing. The Law of Allowing equals freedom. You may ask, "how so?" By allowing yourself to be your true authentic self you are offering unconditional love to you, which is the emotion that creates the highest vibration that there is. Here's the catch, not only is it allowing and accepting ourselves to be who we are but also accepting others for who they are. By allowing others to be their unique selves we are also extending unconditional love to them. However, when we have the need to have others feel and behave just as we do, we are coming from a place of judgment, judgment stems from fear and those emotions are of a lower vibrational energy. Thus, attracting lower vibrational situations into our lives. When we release the need to 'control' every circumstance or the people in our lives we are allowing the universe to deliver our desires in an unrestricted way and honoring those around us. When we are not allowing we are resisting. When we are resisting, we are not manifesting our desires. You can see why this law is extremely important.

The Law of Allowing is probably one of the most challenging laws to embrace. We all learn at an early age how to gain approval and affection from others by being who we think they want us to be and acting in ways to please them. Instead what we need to focus on is 'who we are', and learn acceptance of others, when they are simply being 'who they are'. When you have a difficult time with this law, here is a cool trick to start seeing more of those positive qualities of a person you are around daily: It's called the Positive Aspects book. Find a new journal and create pages for those people in your life that you would like to feel better about. Only write down the positive qualities of this person, come on I know you can find some about your co-worker, perhaps she is a really good mom. How does it make you feel when you write about her good qualities? Remember you are focusing on her good qualities ONLY, and leaving out her negative ones. When you write the positive qualities down on the paper, bring yourself into a place of feeling those qualities in your body. How does it feel to appreciate someone for the things you truly like about them? Do this for 15 minutes a day on people that are in your life. Have designated pages for each person. Spend your time feeling the good characteristics. After a few days of doing this consistently, you will begin to see more of the positive and less of the negative qualities of these people.

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